How to Open (and Edit) an INDD File Online

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How to Open (and Edit) an INDD File Online

INDD is the default file extension of Adobe InDesign. So normally, you need an InDesign as well to open one. The fact is not so. There are several tools that are compatible with InDesign, meaning that you can open an INDD file using a compatible tool. Lucidpress is one of those tools.

Lucidpress itself is a web-based publishing tool, enabling you to use it regardless the operating system you use. It has an importer tool that will turn an INDD file into an editable format. But first, you need to convert your INDD file into a IDML.

Lucidpress itself is a freemium tool. You can use the tool for free, but with some restrictions. The free version of Lucidpress only allows the maximum of three pages per design. In other words, you won’t be able to import an INDD file consisting of more than three pages.

Creating a Lucidpress account

The first step you have do before being able to open an INDD file using Lucidpress is to create an account first. Or, if you lazy enough to do so, you can also login with either your Google or Yahoo account. Simply visit the site of Lucidpress and head to the top-right corner to create an account or login via Google/Yahoo.

Start importing

Before being able to open your INDD file with Lucidpress, you need to convert it to IDML first. If you have an InDesign, you can do this by clicking the File menu and select the Export option. Or, if you have no InDesign installed on your computer, you can use online tools like iXentric SaveBack. Once the IDML file is ready, you can start to import.

To start importing an IDML file using Lucidpress, simply login with your Lucidpress account or Google/Yahoo account. On the InDesign dashboard, you will see an InDesign Import button. Click the button.

A pop-up dialog will appear. Simply click the Continue button and select the IDML file you are going to open.

On the next dialog, click the Import button and select the IDML file you want to open with Lucidpress.

Wait a moment until the importing process is done and click the Open button.

Since not all fonts are supported by Lucidpress, chances are you will be asked to upload the fonts used on your design. If you are asked to do so, simply click the Upload button and select the fonts from your computer.

Wait a moment until the uploading process is done and you can start to work.


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