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How To Convert PDF To An Interactive Flip Book

Many say that content is the king. It’s absolutely true. But, it would be much cooler if you pack your content with an appeal display. In the context of e-book, you can use the idea of flip book to turn your conventional e-book (which commonly in PDF) into a more interactive package.

Let’s take a scenario.

You are running a certain online service and showcasing the growth statistic of your service on your website as one of the promotional materials. In such scenario, people usually attach some PNG or PDF files of the statistics to let get the users informed. If the statistics are plenty in number users commonly have to jump from one page to another to see all of the stats, in which a bit hassle.

With a flip book you can display all of the stats in a single page. Your users will be able to read all of the stats in a virtual book, just like when they are reading a physical magazine.

There plenty of tools out there that allow you to convert PDF into an intuitive flip book. FlipSnack is one of the examples. Not only PDF, this online tool also allows you convert JPG/PNG into a flip book which is great if you are a photographer or designers who want to create a virtual magazine of your works.

This article is going to show you how to convert PDF into a flip book. Just follow these steps.

  • Visit the website of FlipSnack and click the Sign Up button to create your account.

  • Enter your email address and password and click the REGISTER button. Alternatively, you can also register using your social media accounts (Facebook, Google+ and Twitter).

  • Check your email to confirm your email address.

Start creating a flip book

In this example I am going to export a PDF file of contributor guideline I downloaded from Getty Image. The e-book consists of 13 pages, without a cover.

  • Login with your FlipSnack account and click the CREATE NEW button.

  • Select the the PDF file(s) you want to convert to flip book.

  • Click the Next button.

  • As you can see on the FlipSnack dashboard. There are several settings you can apply to your flip book. You can also add such elements as link, button and image to your flip book. Just click the Editor button to add one.

  • Once you done with the settings, click the Next button at the top-right corner.

  • Give your flip book a name and add a description. Also select a category (required) of your flip book and click the PUBLISH NOW button.

Publishing your flip book on your website

FlipSnack allows you to do a lot of things to your flip book. Including embedding it to your website. If you create a flip book using a premium account you will also be able to download the flip book you created.

Back to our early scenario. You want to display a flip book to your website. So choose the Embed option. Set the dimension of your flip book and copy the code.

Create a new page/post on your website and paste the code you have just copied and publish the page/post. Here is the example of the flip book I created.

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