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How to Remove Audio from Video with Filmora9

Want to dub a video? Then you need to remove the original audio of the video you want to dub. If you use Windows or Mac, one of the tools that you can use to remove the audio from a video is Filmora9. This tool is pretty easy to use and it is second to none when it comes to basic video editing.

If you haven’t heard about this tool before, you can read our review here. You can download it from its official website. Filmora9 allows you to edit videos in popular formats such as MP4, MOV, and AVI.

How to remove audio from video with Filmora9

Once the app is installed on your computer, launch it. If you have installed Filmora9 for a quite while and have used it before, create a new project.

Import the video you want to remove the audio from to the library by going to File -> Import Media -> Import Media Files. Or you can simply press the CTRL+I keys on the keyboard.

Drag the video from the library area to the timeline to start editing it.

Right-click the video on the timeline and select Detach Audio. This will add a new audio track on the timeline.

Right-click the audio track generated by the step above and select Delete.

Click the EXPORT button to export the video.

Select a video format you want to use, give your video a name, and select a folder destination where the exported video to be saved. You can also set the video decoder, resolution, and frame rate by clicking the SETTINGS button. Click the EXPORT button to start exporting the video.

Please note that Filmora9 is a freemium app. You can use it for free, but the exported video will contain a watermark and Filmora9 outro.

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