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How to Remove Sound from Video With VLC

With the enhanced video features from social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, people are now have more options to put their video contents on the internet, other than YouTube. If you noticed the recent trends — Instagram in particular — the number of people who upload video are seems getting higher. It’s very common today to see your friends’s narcissistic videos on Instagram.

However, there are many people who still refrain from posting video contents on the internet due to some reasons. They might have some videos to be uploaded but not confident enough since the audio qualities are so lousy. If that is your problem, why not remove the sounds and replace them with a nice sounds from your favorite songs?

Remove sound from video using VLC

Regardless of lack of sound quality in your video, it should not stop you from uploading it to the internet. As I said, you can fix it by replacing that poor sound with a better sound of your favorite song. Or, you can also explore the web to get the proper, free songs for your video backsound.

By the way, how to remove sound from video?

One of the tools you can use is VLC. Most people might know VLC as a video player app. But, it actually has more capabilities and features you have probably known so far. One of VLC hidden capabilities is to remove video sound. Follow these steps if you want to remove a sound from video.

  • Launch VLC from your computer. Click the Media menu and select Convert / Save.

  • Click the Add button and select a video you want to remove its sound.

  • Next, Click the Convert / Save button.

  • Before starting to convert the video, first you need to select a profile you want to use to convert your video. You can edit your selected profile to remove the audio.

  • Any profile you choose, it has an audio tab to configure the audio codec and bitrate you want to apply to your video. Just uncheck the Audio option to disable the sound and save the settings.

  • Finally, give your new video a name and select the output path and click the Start button. The converting process can takes minutes depend on the duration and file size of the video.

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