How to Restore Deleted Files in Dropbox

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How to Restore Deleted Files in Dropbox

As the saying goes, no one is perfect. Making mistakes are the human nature. When working with Dropbox, you may¬†accidentally delete files you don’t expect to delete them. You know that the files you have just deleted are very important so you start to get panic. Just be cool, take a deep breath and have a water.

When you select a or several files in your Dropbox account and click the Delete button, Dropbox won’t delete them immediately. Instead, Dropbox will move the files to a temporary landfill. It’s pretty similar when you delete files in Windows and other modern operating systems. Dropbox will hold the files for 30 days for free users and a year for Plus users before they are truly deleted permanently. So, before expiration date you can always restore your deleted files anytime.

On the sidebar of Dropbox you can see a menu called Delete files (bottom most). Clicking this menu will take you to a page where Dropbox store your deleted files.

To restore them, just click a file you want to restore. You will have two options whether want to delete the file permanently or restore it. You know what to do.

Unfortunately, Dropbox only allows us to restore the deleted files one by one. We can’t select multiple files at once to be restored in which can get your hand to be stiff when you have so much files need to be restored.

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