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Are you looking to create top quality videos that showcase everything you have to offer? Video creation is an art that may be overlooked in today’s visual world where everyone feels like they are a content creator. To stand out above the crowd and showcase your true talent, we’ve put together our top 5 screen recording tips that will make you a better video creator!

1. Make a plan and practice.

No true masterpiece was ever created out of thin air. Video creation takes time, skill and a great deal of planning. Everything from your dialogue to your background to your music needs to be carefully thought out in order to capture the essence of your video. Be as detailed as possible.

Remember, you only have seconds to engage your audience before they tune out, so make sure you capture your audience in whatever way you can. Once your plan is in place, practice! Better yet, record your practice run (or two!). This will help you highlight your strengths and weaknesses to add or change elements of your plan before you film the real deal. This will also ensure that your software program is up to date and working as needed.

2. Prep your computer

One of the most important things that you can do before you screen record is to shut down all unnecessary applications. This will allow your computer to function at max speed, eliminate the possibility of unwanted sounds such as notifications, and remove all distractions from your screen. It may also be a good idea to clear your desktop if it is being shown to minimize viewer distraction and make for a neater looking video.

3. Find the perfect space

When you are screen recording, background noise can be problematic. The slightest distant noise such as a car horn, a child crying or a dog barking can be extremely distracting and has the potential to steal the limelight away from your content. Soundproofing panels uk can block out all the background noise.If you cannot record in a soundproof room, ensure that you are able to cut background noise with software applications when editing your video.

4. Use keyboard shortcuts

Another distraction within a screen recording is the movement of a mouse across your screen. Not only does this distract your viewer’s eye, but also adds unwanted sound through clicks. Wherever possible, it is recommended that you use keyboard shortcuts during your transitions. This will not only limit distraction but allow for a more seamless transition of viewing content for your audience.

5. Edit

It may seem obvious, but editing is essential to the creation of any screen recording. As well as removing any and all background noise, it is important to remove any dead moments of filming or other unnecessary content. Most of the time, the best received screen recordings are those that are shorter, so don’t be afraid to cut out sections of your screen recording. Your audience will thank you for a video that is concise, polished and professional.

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