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How to Send Your First Email with HubSpot

If you are a freelancer or small business owner who is looking for a free CRM software, HubSpot is one of the CRM tools you can give a try. As we have mentioned in this post, the popular inbound marketing tool has freed up its CRM and email tool. You can now use a CRM tool to manage your better email communication with your consumers without spending a dime.

HubSpot allows you to add as many contacts as you want. You can add such information as email address, phone number, and job title on each contact. If needed, you can also add additional notes to each contact. Read HubSpot vs Mailchimp: the key marketing differences to compare the pros and cons of each tool. The free CRM of HubSpot allows you to set tasks and schedule meetings with each contact you have. Of course, you can also send emails to your contacts. When sending an email, you can set a follow-up reminder to make sure your emails get responded.

Before being able to send an email with HubSpot, you need to connect your email account first. HubSpot itself supports Gmail and Office 365. HubSpot also allows you to add an email account via IMAP integration.

How to send an email with HubSpot

The very first thing you need to do after creating a HubSpot account is to add the contacts of your consumers. You can do so from the Contacts menu on the menu bar. Assuming you already have consumer contacts, go to Contacts -> Contacts and select one of the consumers you want to send the email to.

The detailed page of the contact you selected will open. Here, you can do such things as sending an email, set tasks, set a meeting schedule and so on. To send an email, click the envelope icon beneath the profile icon on the left panel.

On the first email sending, you will be asked to connect your email account. In this example, we use Gmail. So, click the Gmail icon and login with your account (you can either connect the regular version of Gmail or Gmail on G Suite).

Once connected, you can start writing the email just like usual. HubSpot allows you to add a file attachment and image. To make your email looks professional, you can also add a signature. To add a follow-up reminder, you can tick the Create a follow-up task option.

Once you are done writing the email, simply click the Send button to send it. Or, you can click the Send Later button if you prefer to send your email later.

HubSpot will let you what happens next after your email is sent. Following are the information you will get regarding the email sent.

How to disconnect the connected email account

If you want to switch to another email account or want to switch away from HubSpot. You can always disconnect your email account already connected to HubSpot. To do so, go to the Settings page by clicking the gear icon on the top bar.

On the Settings page, select Integrations -> Email Integrations. Scroll down to the Personal Inbox section and click the Disable button.

Or, you can also revoke HubSpot’s access from within your Google account. Read here to learn more.

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