How to Send Large Files Online Using Filemail

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How to Send Large Files Online Using Filemail

There are many ways of how to send files online. If you just want to send files with the total size of 25 MB or less then email is enough. 25 MB is the maximum size of attachment of most email services, including Gmail. The different story goes for files with the total size larger than 25 MB. You need a capable service to send files with a large size like that.

In the previous article I have covered some tools to enable you send large files online. Today, we are going to dig deeper by taking one example on how to send large files using Filemail. There is no specific reason why I chose Filemail. I just love its clean interface. Other reason, Filemail offers larger maximum size for its free plan. In Filemail, you can send large files online without having to create an account.

Other advantages of being a Filemail user is that you can send files online from any device since this service offers client apps for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. Sure, you can also use its web version. Here is how to use Filemail to send large files online.

Send large files online using Filemail

In this example, I am going to use the web version of Filemail to send several photos with the total size of about 60 MB. I use the free plan of Filemail.

  • Prepare the files you want to send and visit the Filemail website at Click the Add Files button. Or, select the Add Folder button if you want to send all of the files inside a certain folder.

  • Enter the email addresses of your recipients on the To column, your email address on the From column, your message on the Message column and the subject of your message on the Subject column. Once you done with these columns, click the Send button.

  • On the appearing pop up, set the expiration of the files you are going to send. The free plan allows you set the expiration up to 7 days. Check the Notify me when files are downloaded option to get notified once your files are downloaded by your recipients. If you have subscribed to the paid plan of Filemail, you can also set the password on your files as well as HTTPS for a safer file transfer. Once you done with this settings, click the Send button.

Wait until the sending process is done. It can takes minutes depends on the total size of the files you are sending. Filemail also allows you to pause and resume the sending process as well as canceling it in case you have some doubt about the files you are sending.

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