2 Ways to Share Photo Album in Dropbox

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2 Ways to Share Photo Album in Dropbox

You just got back from your holiday trip with your friends and have transferred all of the photos you have taken with your camera to your laptop and ready to share them with your friends. To makes it easy and save time you want to put the photos to Dropbox and let your friends access them online but, you don’t know how since this is your first experience of sharing photo album collectively.

You have made a good enough decision by choosing Dropbox to share your photos with your friends since Dropbox is a great tool to share files online. I am not saying that it is the best tool but you might have your own reason to choose Dropbox. You probably want to have an online backup of your photos other than sharing them with your friends.

Sharing a photo album in Dropbox is not a hard task. You can even do it in seconds once you done uploading the photos. Here is how to do it

Share publicly

If you want all internet users without no exception to have an access over the photo album you have just created in Dropbox then you can choose this method. You can share the link of the album and share it anywhere on the internet. Say Facebook, Twitter, email, or even WhatsApp. Anyone who visit the link you shared will be directed to the photo album on your Dropbox.

  • Hover your mouse over a folder (album) where you put your photos and click Share.

  • Next, click the “Create a link” link to create a link of your photo album and copy the link.

By now you can share the link of the album you have just created anywhere you want in order to let internet users see your photos.

Share to specific persons

If you want only your friends who can access your photo album at Dropbox you can choose the second method. You can share your album via email or by mentioning your friends in Dropbox if they are on Dropbox too.

  • Hover your mouse over a folder (album) where you put your photos and click Share.

  • Type the Dropbox names or email addresses of friends you want to share your album with in the available box.

  • You can set what your friends can do with your photo album. Whether you want allow them to edit and delete or just view and download. Once you done typing your preferred friends and set the permissions, click the Share button. Done!

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