HomeHow ToHow to Stop the Auto Renewal of Your SiteGround Subscription Hosting Plan

Finding the best web hosting provider for your website is not an easy job. Often times, you have to be a web hosting hopper before eventually settling on a certain provider. SiteGround is one of the popular web hosting providers, especially in the WordPress community as it is listed as one of the recommended hosting providers on WordPress.org. SiteGround accepts both credit cards and debit cards as the payment medium. Although its hosting plans say dollars per month, SiteGround requires an annual purchase paid in advance (you can change the billing cycle after your first year contract).

By default, SiteGround sets auto renewal for your subscription plan. Meaning that its billing system will automatically charge you based on your prolongation period. If you are still on your way of finding the best hosting provider, you might want to use the manual renewal instead. To do so, visit the SiteGround website and login with your account. Once logged in, click the SERVICES menu. Select the plan you want to stop the auto renewal of and click MANAGE.

Click the three-dot icon on the right side and select Renewal Settings.

On the appearing popup, slide the AUTORENEWAL OFF/ON option. You will see a notification that you will need to manually review your plan before the expiration date. SiteGround will delete your sites upon the expiration date. Click the Confirm button to make the confirmation.

From now on. SiteGround will not be able to suck up your money and you can switch to another hosting provider in case it is your intention.

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