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How to Sync Google Drive on Windows 10

Nearly all people living on this planet have at least one Google account. This also means that they have a Google Drive account. Google gives you 15GB of free storage space which you can use to store any files. You can access your files stored on Google Drive from any device — including Windows 10 — using¬† a Google Drive client.

For the desktop platform, the Google Drive client is available for Mac and Windows 10. Google Drive client app acts as a bridge that connects your computer to the cloud. You can use the client app to sync your files stored on the cloud to your computer. This way, you don’t always need to open the Google Drive on web browser every time you need to use certain files stored on Google Drive since you also have the files on your computer.

Before you can sync your Google Drive account with your Windows 10 computer, you obviously need to install the Google Drive client app first. You can download the binary file of Google Drive client for Windows 10 on its official site. There are two types of Google Drive client: Personal and Business. If just want to sync your Google Drive account, you can select the Personal one.

Once the binary file of Google Drive client is downloaded, simply double-click the file to install it on your computer. Once installed, Windows 10 will run the Google Drive client right away. You should see the Google Drive icon on Windows 10 system tray.

Simply click the icon and click the Sign in button to get started. If you can’t find this icon, you can run the Google Drive client from the start menu.

Click the GET STARTED button on the appearing pop-up and enter the Gmail address associated with the Google Drive account you want to sync and click Next.

Select a folder(s) on your computer that you want to continuously backup to Google Drive. If you don’t want to backup any folder on your computer, you can deselect the selected folders. Click Next to continue.

Select a folder where you want sync your Google Drive files. By default, your files will be synced to “C:\Users\Your User\Google Drive”. To change this default location, click the Change button.

By default, Google Drive client will sync all of your Google Drive files and folders. But, you can sync specific folders if you want. To do so, Select the Sync only these folders option and select the folders you want to sync. Click the Next button once you are done selecting the folders.

Wait until the syncing process is done. Once done, you can go to “C:\Users\Your User\Google Drive” to see the synced files/folders.

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