Dropbox provides a client app for the desktop platforms to make it easy for you to backup files from local storage to the cloud and vice versa. The desktop client app of Dropbox is available for all major platforms, including Windows 10. You can sync all folders you have on Dropbox to your Windows 10 computer. But, if your Dropbox account already stores too many files and folders, syncing all of them to your Windows 10 computer is not too good idea since it can be bandwidth-wasted. Instead, you can select specific folders to be synced to your Windows 10 computer to save internet bandwidth.

The desktop client app of Dropbox comes with an option to select only specific folders to be synced. Assuming that you have installed the Dropbox client on your Windows 10, click the Dropbox icon on the system tray. Click the gear icon on the right-most of the Dropbox window and select Preferences.

On the Dropbox Preferences window, click the sync icon on the right-most and click the Selective Sync button.

Select the Dropbox folders you want to sync to your Windows 10 computer and click the Update button. You can also deselect the selected folders in case you don’t want t sync them anymore.

Lastly, click the Apply button and Dropbox will start syncing the newly selected folders.



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