Unless you have upgraded your free Dropbox account to premium (Dropbox Business), you only be able to sync one Dropbox account on one PC since the official Dropbox client app only allows you to add one Dropbox account. However, if you really want to sync two or more free Dropbox accounts on one PC, there are some alternatives you can try. Using RaiDrive is one of which.

RaiDrive is a simple app that allows you to sync multiple Dropbox accounts on a single PC. At the time of writing, this app is only available for Windows and released as a free app. So, you can use it for free without spending a dime. RaiDrive will mount your Dropbox accounts to different drives on File Explorer. You can refer to the corresponding drives on File Explorer to add or delete files on your Dropbox accounts.

RaiDrive itself is not designed specifically to be a Dropbox client app. You can also add other cloud storage services like Google Drive or OneDrive. You can also sync your files from your own server if you have one using either SFTP or FTP protocol.

How to use RaiDrive

Before being able to use RaiDrive you surely need to have it installed on your PC. You can download the binary file of RaiDrive from its official site. Simply double-click the binary file of RaiDrive once downloaded to install it.

Once installed, RaiDrive will be automatically added to the startup apps list on Windows. You will see a new RaDrive icon on the system tray of Windows. Right-click the icon and select Open RaiDrive to open it.

Once open, click the Add button to add a new cloud storage account.

Select the cloud storage platform you want to add on the Storage section. Since you want to add Dropbox so select Dropbox. Also select a drive on the Drive section. Make sure to select a drive that hasn’t existed yet on your File Explorer. You can also give your new drive a name to make it easy for you to identify it on File Explorer. Click the OK button to start connecting your Dropbox account.

You will be directed to the Dropbox page to give RaiDrive an authorization to access your Dropbox account. Login with the Dropbox account you want to connect and click the Allow button.

Repeat the steps above to add another Dropbox accounts. You can add two or more Dropbo xaccounts. If you want stop a certain Dropbox account from getting synced with your PC, you can open RaiDrive and click the disconnect button. The drive of the associated Dropbox account will be automatically removed from File Explorer.



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