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How to Sync Zoho Docs with Dropbox

Zoho actually has a built-in document manager to allow you store and manager the document files you created with Zoho Docs. The total capacity offered by Zoho is not small, 5 GB. In addition, Zoho Docs also offers a desktop client you can install on your computer to allow you syncing your Zoho Docs account with your computer for offline backup. Thus, syncing your Zoho Docs account with Dropbox is basically not too urgent.

However, Zoho Docs offers a Dropbox integration to allow users have an additional backup. Syncing your Zoho Docs with your Dropbox account is extremely easy. You can do it in minutes, with only few steps.

In case you want to sync your Zoho Docs with Dropbox and have no idea how, just follow the steps below.

Sync Zoho Docs with Dropbox

From the Zoho Docs dashboard, click the Dropbox icon at the top bar of Zoho Docs.

Click the Configure your Dropbox Sync link.

Click the Configure New Dropbox Account button.

You need to make a confirmation to allow Zoho Docs to access to the files and folders in your Dropbox account. Just click the Allow button to continue.

Select a Dropbox account you have just made a confirmation of.

Next, you will be asked to select a Dropbox folder where your Zoho Docs should be synced to. You will also be asked to select which Zoho Docs folders you want to sync with Dropbox. Once you done selecting folder on each service, click the Sync Folders button.

Lastly, choose one of of the offered options. Whether you just want to perform an once-sync or continuously. The “Sync Continuously” is a better option if you want to automatically back up your Zoho Docs files every time you make new changes on your Zoho Docs account, while the “Sync Once” is a nice option if you just want to sync your Zoho Docs a couple times a month. Select your option and click the Start Sync button.

Stop Zoho Docs from Syncing with Dropbox

If you selected the “Sync Continuously” option and want to stop Zoho Docs from syncing with Dropbox, you can login to Dropbox and go to the Settings page.

Select Connected apps tab and click the cross sign button on the Zoho Office item on the app name list to remove Zoho Docs.

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