How to Transfer Google Chrome Bookmarks to Pocket

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How to Transfer Google Chrome Bookmarks to Pocket

All modern web browsers come with a bookmark manager. Google Chrome is no exception. For most people this feature may looks trivial. But, if you want to explore deeper toward this feature and maximize it you will find that it is actually very useful.

In order to make your online lifestyle be much easier you may also can consider using online bookmark manager. This kind of tool enables you to access your bookmarks from anywhere and even any device. Pocket is one the popular existing online bookmark services. With Pocket you can bookmark certain webpage from web browser to open it later on smartphone or tablet. Pocket also makes it possible if you want to export the bookmarks you have on Google Chrome to its service.

Assuming that you have had a Pocket account, follow these steps to transfer your Google Chrome bookmarks to Pocket.

On Google Chrome

  • From the Google Chrome main menu select Bookmarks –> Bookmark manager. Or simply press the Ctrl+Shift+O button.

  • On the Bookmark Manager page click the Organize menu and select Export bookmarks to HTML file. Don’t forget to save this file.

On Pocket

  • Login to Pocket and click this link to go to the Import page of Pocket.
  • Browse the HTML file of the the bookmarks you have exported from Chrome Chrome and click the Import button.

Done!. You can now access all of your bookmarks from anywhere. In order to get the most out Pocket you can also install the Pocket mobile app on your smartphone to make your life be much more flexible.

During the transferring process Pocket converts folders on Chrome bookmark manager into tags since Pocket use the tag approach to manage bookmarks instead of folder.

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