How to Transfer Large Files Online Securely Using pCloud Transfer

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How to Transfer Large Files Online Securely Using pCloud Transfer

Transferring large files online is not a problem today. Thanks to online file transfer services like WeTransfer and Filemail we can send files in a large size online for free.

However, there is a common issue with the online file transfer services, regarding the security. Many users are wondering if their files transferred securely. Some also wonder what if their files fall into the wrong hands. Basically, all online file transfer services come with security methods, be it password protection or encrypted connection. Unfortunately, not all of them provide those security method to all kind of users. They commonly require you to become a paid subscriber to use the security features.

With pCloud Transfer, you can transfer large files online and protect them with a password, without having to be a paid subscriber. You can’t even do it without having to make a registration. This tool allows you to transfer large files with the maximum size of 5GB.

Here is how to transfer large files online using pCloud Transfer and protect them with a password.

  • Prepare the files you want to transfer. If you want to transfer several images (photos, for instance), it would be much better if you put them together into a single folder and compress the folder (ZIP format is more recommended).
  • Visit the pCloud Transfer site and click the file icon to add your files.

  • Enter the email addresses of you recipients as well as your email address to the available fields. You can add up to 10 recipients at once. Optionally, you can also add your message on the Message field.

  • Before clicking the SEND FILES button, return to the left column and click the Encrypt Your Files link. Enter your preferred password and click the Enable Encryption link.

  • Lastly, click the SEND FILES button.

A download link will be sent to your recipients but they won’t be able to download the files you sent until they unlock the download button. To do it, they need to enter the password you have specified.

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