7 Unique Ways to Set Up Your TV

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7 Unique Ways to Set Up Your TV

Do you feel like your TV is just taking up space in your home? Are you not sure how to set it up to make the most of your viewing experience? There are many unique ways to set up your TV to get the most out of it. Most of them are easy to do and only require a few minutes of your time. Here are some unique ways to set up your TV.

1. Install Behind Artwork

Hanging your TV behind a piece of artwork is a great way to get the most out of your TV. It allows you to have a more aesthetically pleasing setup while still being able to watch your favorite shows. Find a traditional decor that goes with the artwork and place the TV behind it. If you have a large piece of art, you can even use it to frame your TV.

2. Tuck in a Cupboard

If you want to create a more sleek and tidy look in your home, try tucking your TV into a cupboard. The TV set will be completely hidden when you’re not using it, and you can still watch your favorite shows. Ensure the cabinet is large enough to accommodate your TV set and has ventilation to prevent the TV from overheating. You can also use an entertainment center with doors that close to achieve the same look.

3. Use a Floating Console or Shelf

A floating console gives you the ability to move your TV around easily. You can put your TV on the console and push it back against the wall when you’re not using it. A floating shelf complements your TV set and allows you to store other items on it, such as your DVD player or cable box. This shelf lets you keep your TV set up high and out of the way.

4. Integrate into a Bookcase

If you have a bookcase in your home, you can use it to hold your TV set. You can put the TV on top of the bookcase or inside it. Measure the bookcase and TV set before attempting to integrate them to make sure they will fit. You can also use an entertainment center with shelves to achieve the same look. The bookcase color should match the TV set, so it doesn’t look out of place.

5. Outdoor TV Setup

If you have an outdoor living space with Royal Covers Alumawood patio covers, you can set up your TV there. This is an excellent option if you enjoy entertaining guests or spending time outside. You may also set up your TV in front of the pool or swim spa to enjoy the water while watching your favorite TV show or movies. You’ll need to purchase an outdoor tv lift cabinet and mount it to a wall or other surface. Consider the following tips when installing your TV outdoor:

  • The area should be level, so the TV doesn’t wobble
  • Weatherproof the cabinet and TV set to protect them from the elements
  • Install a screen protector to keep insects and other debris
  • Install a sound system to improve the audio quality

6. Picture Frame the TV

Frame the TV set with a picture frame to give it a more polished look. You can purchase a ready-made frame or make your own. The frame should be large enough to accommodate the TV set and allow ventilation. The frame is a great way to match the TV set with the rest of your home decor.

7. Surround with a Natural Stonework

Install natural stonework around your TV set to give it a rustic look. Cover the entire TV set or just the frame. You can use natural stone or faux stone. If you’re using natural stone, make sure it is sealed, so it doesn’t stain the TV set. Faux stone is lighter and easier to install but doesn’t have the same look like natural stone. Match the floor and ceiling materials to the stone for a cohesive look. Transforming your living space is an exciting endeavor, and one creative way to achieve this is to turn your walls into art with mural wallpaper.

These are just a few unique ways to set up your TV. With a bit of creativity, you can find a setup that fits your needs and style. Try out different designs until you find one that you love. Your TV doesn’t have to be an eyesore in your home. It can be a beautiful and functional part of your home with the proper setup.

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