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How to Use Explainer Videos

When you need to sell more of your product, you may consider using explainer videos to get your message across. But what types of explainer videos are available? Which kinds of explainer videos are best for your particular niche? This article will give you some necessary information about the three main types of explainer videos and what kinds of explainer videos are best for your needs.

Today, one of the most essential tools for any business is explainer videos. In this post, we will talk about them, what they are, and how to make them. Suppose you have a product or service or even a feature of a product that is complex to explain in words succinctly and effectively. In that case, you probably need to use explainer videos.

It is a great way to convey your message with ease. When you create explainer videos for your business through, these videos not only enhance your marketing potential but also increase the chances of customers liking your products or services.

So, why are explainer videos compelling?

You need to be able to convince your viewers to take action. Whether you are trying to increase traffic to your site or sell a product, you need to keep people interested in getting paid. By visually presenting your ideas, you can ensure that you entice people to take action rather than just reading through your content. This is one of the most effective marketing types because you can easily explain the benefits of your business and convince your audience to buy your products.

The problem with traditional advertising is that it cannot reach everyone. With radio, television, and other forms of mass communication, only a few people hear what you are trying to say. This means that you need to reach an even smaller group of your target audience to be useful for your ad.

However, the good thing about explainer videos is that they reach a vast audience since they are visuals. People are more susceptible to visuals than text. The human brain is very efficient at understanding images, and it does not take a lot to convince people that your business needs to be improved.

Video marketing has gained popularity over the years. Every year, more people learn about how effective explainer videos are at educating users. It helps people understand issues better without words and gives them the information in visuals that they can relate to. This is the main reason why explainer videos are so popular. The visual information allows your audience to visually grasp the idea you are trying to convey. They can also listen to your explanation since the visuals are a form of interaction rather than just text.

But what is an explainer video?

An explainer video is simply a short but influential and informative video that captures and explains a topic in a colorful, playful, and engaging manner. It is usually 30 seconds or 3 minutes long. Explainer videos can be used by a brand to communicate several things.

They are a perfect and most powerful way to introduce a concept or subject in the shortest way possible. It might be a short description of your company, service, or product. If done correctly, explainer videos offer an easy entry point for customers who don’t know about your business.

Now that we have covered what they are, it’s time to look at how to use explainer videos to increase your user engagement.

You should use explainer videos if you want to describe:


With properly done explainer videos, you will be able to break down a complex process or concept into an easy-to-grasp form.

How to create an explainer video:

  • Identify the goal and objectives of the video
  • Create scripts for the video while focusing on the important message you want to tell
  • Storyboard your new video to ensure the scripts are in harmony with the images
  • Record the video or alternatively your narration and make animation
  • Edit and start sharing once you learn how to use good explainer videos.

Product differentiation or awareness

One of the most popular uses of explainer videos is describing your product or pointing out the differences between your product and that of a competitor. In product awareness, your main goal is to remind your customers of their pain points and then show them how your product or service can provide them with a solution.

When you use videos for this purpose, you should also include a CTA at the end to influence your audience to purchase your product.


Suppose you have a tutorial about a product or service you offer, or just want to explain how users can use your product. In that case, you need to tap into the power of explainer videos. No one is interested in reading a long manual or hunting down relevant information. These types of explainer videos usually come in the form of a YouTube video. They typically contain a short introduction of the product or service, then a few commands about the product or service, followed by an attractive graphic or picture to emphasize the benefits.

If you use a two to three minutes long video, it can be easily explained and absorbed. Some examples of types of “how-to” videos include: How to Build a Chicken Shed, How to Start a Garden Business, How to Play the Piano. A great example of a three-minute explainer video would be “How to Start a Garden Business,” from the Market Masters.

With explainer videos, you can provide easy demonstrations of your products in a step-by-step format that is easy to understand.


When it comes to delivering a presentation, time is always limited, and you risk under- or over-delivering. But using an explainer video helps you deliver context or provide necessary information within the shortest time possible.

Brand culture

An explainer video provides the most effective way to inform the outside world of your company culture. Recent studies have shown that customers tend to make a decision based on emotions in addition to facts.

Other than learning about your product or service, clients also want to know your company’s culture, because one degree or another, your target market will have the same persona as your brand.

By creating informative explainer videos, you will display far more personality and human touch than paragraphs of texts.

Behind the scenes of your company

One of your business goals should be sharing with the world the type of people you are. To achieve this, consider using explainer videos to showcase the workflow and the thought process behind your major projects.

In addition to providing valuable information to the world about your brand, it also shows your customers that you understand what you are doing.

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