How to Use FileZilla to Upload Files to Server

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How to Use FileZilla to Upload Files to Server

In many cases, bloggers (or those who frequently dealing with website) often use FTP to upload files to server. You can actually use HTML to upload files from local computer to server. However, it can take longer if you have to upload larger files since HTML is not designed to handle this sort of task.

FTP, which stands for File Transfer Protocol, is the standard network protocol used for transferring files between client and server. FileZilla is one of the most popular FTP clients. Not just because it comes with an easy-to-use interface, but also because FileZilla is available for three major platforms, Windows, macOS and Linux. FileZilla itself is an open source FTP client software, released under the GNU General Public License.

This article will show how to upload files from local computer to server. Before getting started, ensure that you already know the username and password of your FTP account. Also, ensure that you already have FileZilla installed on your computer. You can download the package of FileZilla here.

  • First and foremost, launch FileZilla on your computer. Below is the glance look of the FileZilla interface. As you can see, the interface of FileZilla is splitted into two parts. The left side shows the files on your local computer, while the right one shows the files on your server.

  • Enter the IP address of your FTP server in the Host field, FTP username in the Username field and FTP password in the Password field. In the Port field, you can leave it blank or type “21”. 21 is the FTP port. Once done filling out the fields, click the Quickconnect button.

  • FileZilla comes with a drag and drop functionality. To upload files from local computer to server, just drag the files you want to upload from the left panel (local computer) and drop them the right panel (server). To ensure that your files are really being uploaded, you can notice the progress bar at the bottom side of FileZilla.


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