What are the Hardest Specialties to Online Studying?

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What are the Hardest Specialties to Online Studying?

For sure, a lot of students appreciate the ability to study online, as it brings a lot of benefits. Remote education foresees the ability to get any skills at home for really cheap. It makes learning more comfortable and accessible.

Online Studying VS Offline Education

For starters, let’s review the main differences between distance learning and offline studying. If you’re a distance student who learns creative writing online, you can write a paper sitting on a couch at home or pay someone to write an essay for you. It’s easy! All that you need a laptop, stable access to the Internet, and a strong desire to study.

Visa versa, students who attend college classes, get the ability to communicate with tutors and other students in real life. Moreover, they have to create course projects and show their skills by resolving particular tasks on lessons or by creating students’ projects.

Hardest Specialties to Online Studying

Doubtless, it’s easy to learn English literature, creative writing, or programming by using online study tools. However, some specialties require a lot of practice lessons that make remote education hard or even impossible.


Do you want to become an engineer? Well, prepare to study hard. This specialty requires a lot of math, technical drawing, physics, and chemistry classes. For this reason, it’s hard to acquire all the knowledge online. Engineering students have to attend lections in a college and communicate with tutors every day.

Healthcare and Surgery

Do you want a doctor with an online education certificate to heal you? Well, I am sure that the answer is no! Colleges have a lot of educational materials like human body examples that help to train medical students. You won’t be able to get the appropriate level of knowledge by watching an online study skills course on your monitor. If you want to become a healthcare worker, you have to practice a lot.


Another specialty that is hard for online studying is architecture. Do you want to know why? Well, it’s simple. Firstly, architect students have to create a lot of technical drawings and get corrections from tutors. Also, colleges provide the ability to study by reviewing different models and by vising unfinished constructions to gain practical knowledge on how a building creates.


Business degree brings accounting and data analysis skills. A business study program implies a lot of math classes, tests, consultations, and practice projects. Since one of the leading personal qualities of economists is sociability, it’s hard to get a finance education with the help of video-courses and college homework help sites.

Biological Sciences

It’s almost impossible to discover the nature sitting behind the desktop in your room. Students who study biological science, spend a lot of time doing some experiments in labs, or doing a research outdoor. It makes remote education of organic science students complicated.

Bottom Line

Studying online is a great way to get an education if it requires a lot of self-education. However, there are a lot of specialties that require students to be involved in practice lessons in labs. Consequently, it’s hard to become a doctor, engineer, or biologist by watching pre-recorded lessons.

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