10 Types of Content That Get Great Engagement Online

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10 Types of Content That Get Great Engagement Online

The internet is filled with websites and blogs vying for attention. When you’re trying to engage an audience, it’s best to use content that people enjoy reading. Whether you use the best digital marketing agency in Utah or you try to boost engagement on your own, these ten types of content are proven winners.

1. Listicles

People love lists. You can write your list or record a video that includes your list. It doesn’t matter if you count up or down, include a number and people will take a look. Before you build your next listicle, do some keyword research so you write a list that people want to read. Don’t forget to share your list on social media so everyone can see it.

2. Infographics

Infographics include images, words, and numbers that get attention. The most successful infographics come in a variety of sizes, but they all have a few things in common. When you build your infographic include a color theme, a bunch of useful nuggets of information, fun facts, and appealing images.

3. How-to Blogs and Videos

You can learn everything on the internet. If you have a special skill or you just want to drive engagement, write a blog that explains how to do something. Even better, make a video about it. People will find it and watch it. If you’re lucky (and your content is well-built), viewers and readers will share it with their friends. They might even come back to it if they have to use the skill again.

4. Product Reviews

People use the internet to learn about the newest products. If you have an audience that cares about your favorite products, product reviews will help you make sales and grow your brand. Embed a few videos showing your fans how you use the products.

5. Comparison Posts

A comparison post shows why some products are better than others. People want to see similarities and differences, because they can save money and buy the items that suit their needs.

6. Quizzes

Quiz posts are pure fun, which is why they drive engagement. When you write a quiz post, make it about a trendy topic or an evergreen topic. Before you share results, ask your users to share their email so you can share future posts with them.

7. Beginner Guides

People who want to learn a new skill often need a beginner guide. Include items that readers need to buy and make the instructions clear and simple. Avoid using jargon, because your beginners will not understand the specific language.

8. Guest Posts

If you can get your hands on an influencer, ask them to write posts for your website. Adding guest posts gives your blog a higher level of respectability. The guest can be an expert in your field or in an unrelated field.

9. Current Events

Sharing the latest events can draw readers. People want to know what is happening in the world, and you can show them how the current events affect your world.

10. FAQ Posts

Even though it is easier than ever before to connect with bloggers, it’s still nice to add a page of frequently asked questions.

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