6 Best Websites to Showcase Your Best Photographs Like a Pro

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6 Best Websites to Showcase Your Best Photographs Like a Pro

Taking a picture is easy. Everyone can do it using any camera. A different story goes to a good photograph. Seriously, capturing a good moment has never been easy as it seems. Even not everyone with a good, high-spec camera can do that.

Speaking of photography, did you ever dreamed about becoming a pro photographer. Or, do you on your way to become a pro photographer?.

Just like other profession, you need to keep practice to become a good photographer. And yes, you also need a space to showcase your works. Today, there are dozens of websites which enable you to submit your best shots, starting from old player like Flickr to the new names you have probably never heard before. Additional factors like using custom designed photography backdrops can also help make you a successful photographer.

But wait, don’t just upload your shots to any indiscriminate site. You need a reliable site to showcase your photographs because you want to build your personal brand as a good photographer in this case. I have some lists of the best sites where you can put your best shots.

1. 500px

The folks in 500px are those with good skills in photography. All photos in this site are coming from talented photographers around the world. You can follow your favorite photographers and take advantages by learning their photos. 500px routinely held a photo quest with a certain reward. You can join the challenge to test your photographs quality.

500px doesn’t applying any moderation so you can upload any photo. Free account is limited to 20 photos each week while premium account can upload as many photo as you want. 500px also has a market place feature where you can sell your premium shots.

2. Your Shot by National Geographic

Everyone knows the reputation of National Geographic when it comes to photography. If you think your shots are decent enough to stand alongside other works from folks in National Geographic, why not submitting them?. National Geographic opens an opportunity for anyone to showcase their best photographs via a platform called Your Shot Photo Community. You can also follow the people behind the photos that impress you to get in touch with them.

Just like 500px, you are also allowed to submit high-resolution photos to ensure the quality, as long as your files are not bigger than 20MB. There is no moderation applied too so you can upload any photo without worrying about rejection.

3. Unsplash

Unsplash is a free stock photos site with thousands collections of quality photos. All photos available on this site are submitted by the member of Unsplash. You can also register to become a member in order to upload your best shots. It’s just, you have to understand that uploading your photos to this site it means that you allow your photos to be downloaded by anyone with any purpose (including commercial). All photos uploaded to this site will be released under the Creative Common license.

Unsplash also enable you to get in touch with photographer addicts around the world by following each other.

4. Pixabay

Another free stock photos website. Pixabay is also a great site to showcase your quality photo collections. The site also allows you to upload high-resolution photos. However, not all photos will be accepted. New members are limited to 10 photos. Once you uploaded your photos they will be moderated first whether they decent enough to be displayed or not. Once the photos are accepted they will appear on your profile.

All photos you have uploaded to Pixabay will be released under the Creative Common license, which mean anyone can use them for any purpose. Pixabay even allows anyone to use your photos without having to credit you. The good thing about Pixabay is that you can gain some donations from users who love your works.

5. Pexels

Pexels is another free stock photos site. The site also adopts the Creative Common license for every submitted photo. So, just be sure you have understood the rule that all your photos will be free to be used by anyone even for commercial use. Pexels is also a great place to build your personal brand as a pro photographer as it allows you to summit high-resolution photos too. Moderation is applied on this site. The folks at Pexels will be reviewing your submission before they are added to your profile.

6. Flickr

Flickr is the pioneer in terms of photo sharing platform. The site has been around since the year of 2004. Today, there have been over 13 billion photos submitted to Flickr by photography lovers. If you want to upload high-resolution photos without giving permission for anyone to download them, Flickr is the place you want. Otherwise, Flickr also make it possible if you want to release your photos under the Creative Commons license. Flickr gives you some license options to be applied on your photos.

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