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7 Must-Try Tools for Keyword Tracking Campaigns

Undoubtedly, SEO seems to be a never-ending process asking for a lot of efforts and consistent performance. But what makes it a worth performing process is the fortunate results obtained at last.

There are plenty of factors that make an SEO strategy work the best and fetch reliable results. Generally, it includes content marketing and appropriate keyword research. Out of these two, today, we are going to discuss keyword research and tracking tools.

An SEO campaign’s complete success depends on the keywords, content, and determined keyword monitoring. For this, you can expect to have keyword research and monitoring software keeping you up to date with the insights. We have got you a string of keyword tracking tools to consider for your better understanding.

1. Zutrix – A pro tool with a real-time notification feature and thorough keywords mapping is here. It helps to pace up the keyword processing speed, shows GEO-targeted results for improved accuracy. It is counted as a preferred free keyword position checker to get some additional features in your kitty.

2. Kerboo Peek Ranking Tool – It won’t be wrong to refer to this one as the set of tools developed to monitor the backlinks and other business profile links of a website. While all this, it helps to keep a check on the keyword ranking as well. As a result, many marketers consider it as a full-service tool to get access to. It’s super easy and comes with a long list of features to enrich your user experience.

3. Moz Rank Checker – This tool gives you the liberty to create a keyword ranking campaign right from ground zero. Undoubtedly, it’s easy and helps to track the keywords, whenever required, but at the same time, you may find it hectic to collect and save the data on this tool.

4. SEMrush Position Tracking Tool – SEMrush is widely used to permit access to a heap of intelligence data at the cost of $69.95. Although it is counted as a preferred free keyword position checker as well, to get some additional features in your kitty, you may need to pay the price mentioned above. It encompasses competitors’ analysis in an actionable manner and uses the competition map for the same.

5. Ahrefs Tracking Tool – Without any d0ubt Ahrefs is the master of all keyword tracking tools we have. From ensuring the best backlinks analytics to opening a gateway to advanced keyword tracking features, Ahrefs has a lot to offer you. You can get the UK and US keyword positioning on the same sheet, making it easier to analyze your keywords on geographical aspects.

6. Accuranker – It’s a newbie tool to this world with an easy-to-use interface with a comprehensive layout giving you a crystal clear picture of your keywords stats. Although it’s a new player, it still consists of some amazing features to enrich your analytics experience.

7. SERP – You can keep a note of your keywords ranking using this tool. It segregates primary and secondary keywords to clear the picture better for you.

Concluding words

No matter which SEO or keyword tracking campaign tool you use, it is necessary that you follow a well-aligned strategy giving you the right kind of boost you have been expecting to see. While you follow a thorough SEO strategy, make sure to keep a hawk’s eye on the competitive landscapes and progress.

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