AidaForm Review: A User-Friendly Tool to Create Impressive Forms

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AidaForm Review: A User-Friendly Tool to Create Impressive Forms

Would you like to create a web form that you can publish online and use to collect information? Maybe you’d like to create a survey, poll, or even something entirely different such as a contact form, order form, or registration form?

If you want to create any type of form, AidaForm is a great option to try out. It is an online form creator that will definitely be able to help you out.

Ease of Use

A big part of the reason why AidaForm is so appealing is that it is extremely easy to use. After you signup you can immediately start to create your first form by either choosing a template or starting from scratch.

Regardless of the option you choose it should be easy to come up with the type of form that you require. The graphical interface of the form builder will let you add fields and adjust their position by simply dragging and dropping them into place — just like building blocks.

Each field that you add can be customized easily too, allowing you full control over the field name, hint, and other parameters.

If you want to adjust the appearance of the form itself, you can pick one of the many professional-looking themes that are available. Subsequently, you can customize the appearance further by adjusting a few simple settings.


Make no mistake in addition to being easy to use, AidaForm has a pretty powerful set of capabilities. Its features will enable you to:

  • Add a wide range of different types of fields including text fields, radio buttons, Likert scales, dropdown lists, and more. It even has more specialized fields for file uploads, Paypal payments, CAPTCHA, Google Maps, and so on.
  • Responsive designs that are mobile-friendly and will adapt to different screen sizes. That will ensure that any form created using AidaForm looks just as good on mobile devices as it does on a desktop.
  • Smart themes that come in many different styles. Any alterations that you make to customize the font or color of the themes will be automatically applied universally to ensure the appearance looks consistent.
  • Different options to publish and share forms to fit your requirements. If you want you can add a button to the form on your website by copying and pasting the required code, or publish the link directly on social media.
  • Integration with third-party services including Paypal and MailChimp. It is possible to use the integration AidaForm provides with Zapier to connect it with a wide range of other apps as well.
  • View and analyze data conveniently directly within the platform itself and with helpful visualizations to keep track of your responses. If you prefer to use other methods you could export the data as an Excel or Google Sheets file.

Starting to see just how capable AidaForm can be? Its features make it a truly versatile tool that will let you build practically any type of online form that you may need.


All said and done now that you know just how user-friendly and capable AidaForm is — why not give it a try? All you need to do is signup for a free account and you can take it out for a spin, build a form of your own, and see what it can do firsthand.

To be perfectly honest it doesn’t get easier to build online forms that look impressive than it is with AidaForm. It is safe to say that if you take a few minutes to try it out, you’ll be able to see that for yourself.

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