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9 Task Management Tools Best Alternative to Trello

Task management tools like Trello are a good assistant to help you stay on track when work. You can use this kind of tool to create to-do lists, setting reminders, specifying tasks priorities and so on. For a project manager, a task management tool is also a helpful tool to assign tasks.

When it comes to a task management tool, Trello is one of the most well-known names. Many project managers prefer to use Trello as it supports numerous integrations and, most importantly, easy to use. While project managers can use Trello to manage their team tasks, freelancers can use it as a personal management tool.

There is no doubt that Trello is one of the best task management tools. But, for a certain reason, you probably want to switch to another tool. It doesn’t matter. There are other tools that can replace Trello’s job in managing your tasks. This article will show you the list. I will divide the list into two sections.

Trello alternatives for project managers

1. Asana

Among so many task management tools available in the market today, Asana is probably the closest competitor of Trello. So, if you are looking for a Trello alternative you should put this tool on your item-to-try list. Asana is also a freemium tool like Trello. Although you can use this tool as a personal project management tool, the use of Asana is better suited to manage team tasks. You can add as many tasks as you want in Asana and assign them to your team members, even if you stick with your free plan. Asana is a great tool for a small business with a small number of team members. The free version of Asana allows you to add up to 15 team members.

2. Taskworld

Taskworld is also a good alternative to Trello. Functionally, Taskworld is not much different from Trello. You can use this tool to add tasks and assign them to your team members. In general, the features and capabilities of Taskworld are not far different from Trello. The only difference is that Taskworld is a fully paid task management tool so you can’t use it for free, even for a team with few numbers of member. However, you are given a 15-day trial period to give Taskworld a try. If you find this tool suits your needs, you can be a paid member. Conversely, you can just turn away from it if you think Taskworld doesn’t suit your needs.

3. Task Pigeon

Looking for a Trello alternative to assist you in handling your small team? Task Pigeon is a worth-trying item. Task Pigeon is another freemium task management tool just like Trello. The free version of this tool allows you to add up 5 team members. Task Pigeon is a great product to adopt by a small group of developers who are working on a startup product. The free version also allows you to add unlimited tasks and categories. If integration is the aspect you consider the most when choosing a project management tool then Task Pigeon is perfect stuff. You can integrate Task Pigeon with over 750 applications. Including the popular ones like Slack, MailChimp, Google Docs, Gmail, GitHub, Evernote and lots more.

4. Hitask

Hitask seems just changed its marketing strategy. Before I write this article it didn’t offer a free version. But today, Hitask can be used for free. Of course, with some restrictions. Probably, Hitask has a plan to compete with Trello and other freemium task management tools. The free version of Hitask allows you to add unlimited tasks and projects as well. You can also add subtasks within a certain task. Most importantly (especially for project managers), each task can be assigned to someone else, making it a great tool to manage your team tasks. Hitask also supports integrations although not as rich as Trello and Task Pigeon.

Personal task management tools alternative to Trello

5. Pintask

If you need a task management tool for personal use and think that Trello is too complex, there are simpler alternatives you can use. Pintask is one of the examples. As a simpler alternative to Trello, Pintask doesn’t have too many features and integrations. If you really want to migrate from Trello, Pintask will make your job easier by offering an import tool that you can use to import your Trello data.

6. Easynote

Don’t be fooled by its name. Easynote is not an Evernote-like app. Instead, it is another simple task management tool alternative to Trello. Easynote is also better suited to use as a personal task management tool although there will be no sin if you want to use it to manage your team tasks. As a simple task management tool, Easynote comes with fewer features than Trello. It also has not many integrations. According to Easynote, there is no tool can beat it when it comes to price vs functions. Easynote is 100% free of charge and with no limits.

7. Todo Cloud

Todo Cloud is another very simple task management tool you can use as an alternative to Trello. You can also use this tool to manage your team tasks since there is an option to assign tasks you added to your team members. However, the overall features of Todo Cloud are very basic so it’s better suited to use as a personal project manager. At the time of writing, Todo Cloud hasn’t supported integration. This tool is ideal for those who love using a (very) simple tool instead of a complex one.

8. Todoist

Todoist is also a simple task management tool you can use to replace Trello. This tool also comes with a simple interface. You can use this tool as either a personal task management tool or manage your team tasks since assigning tasks is allowed in Todoist. Todoist is a freemium tool with its free version comes with minimal enough capabilities. The free version doesn’t allow you to set reminders or attaching files. You are also restricted to 80 active projects.

9. Taskque

Last but not least. If you are looking for a simpler task management tool to replace Trello then Taskque can be one of the alternatives. Same as most tools in this list, Taskque is also a freemium tool which means you can use it for free if you just need the basic features and capabilities. Taskque can also be used as either a personal task management tool or to manage your team tasks. The free version of Taskque comes with rich enough features and capabilities. Taskque also supports keyboard shortcuts to streamline your works. The rest, features and capabilities of Taskque not much different to other similar tools.

Trello, known for its user-friendly interface and extensive integration options, remains a popular choice among project managers. However, the landscape is evolving, and we’re witnessing the emergence of AI-driven tools designed for product management and task optimization. These AI tools can assist in tasks such as resource allocation, risk assessment, and timeline predictions, making them indispensable for complex projects.

In the realm of task management and AI, there’s a growing trend towards integrating artificial intelligence into these platforms. AI tools for product management offer enhanced capabilities for automation, data analysis, and decision support. These advanced tools can provide insights, suggestions, and predictive analytics to help users make more informed choices and improve efficiency.

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