Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Startup Business

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Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Startup Business

With so many benefits we can get, the adoption of cloud computing is getting more massive in the last few years. Today, most people who want to start an online business prefer to use cloud computing. One of the most standout benefits of cloud computing is regarding the business budget.

Compared to traditional server, cloud computing is better for a startup with a tight capital since you don’t need to spend too much money upfront to buy the necessary infrastructures to build your business. At first, you may think that adopting cloud computing on your business can be a bit complicated since you have to probably subscribe to a wide range of services here and there.

Dude, try to think a bit visionary. How much do you need to spend monthly on a technical staff?. If you use cloud computing, all technical aspects regarding the server are your provider’s responsibility. You don’t have to dizzy think about it. Thus, you can totally be focused on product development and most importantly, can save much money since you don’t need to pay the technical staff.

According to Ever Nimble team, there are many other benefits you are going to get (startup founders in particular) from implementing cloud computing. Here are the top 5 reasons.

1. Good for startups with a tight capital

As I mentioned earlier, adopting cloud computing can give you benefit in the finance aspect. No matter the choice you choose you will eventually have to spend your capital on the server to host the product you are going to develop. However, there is a significant gap between traditional server and cloud computing in the amount of the total budget you need to spend upfront. If you prefer to use a traditional server then you need to spend more budget since you have to buy a physical server, which is obviously not cheap. Plus, you still have to deal with the technical aspects.

Conversely, cloud computing doesn’t require you to deal with any technical aspect so you can totally be focused on product development. Cloud computing doesn’t also require you to spend much capital upfront. Most cloud computing providers adopt a subscription model in selling their services which usually offer monthly subscription plans. You can allocate the rest of the budget for other needs like advertisement or anything.

2. You don’t have to be dizzy on the technical aspect

The technical aspect meant here is regarding your server. You know that server plays a vital role in your business. Without it, no one will be able to access your app. There are many things you have to deal with if you prefer to traditional server. From installation to how your server can be accessed by internet users. Seriously, this is a complicated job and can waste your time. At this point, you probably think that why don’t just hire technical staff to handle it?

Remember the first point above. If you hire a (or maybe more than one) technical staff it also means you have to spend more monthly budget on the payroll. The more employees you have, the more monthly budget you have to spend.

If you use cloud computing, all technical aspects become your provider’s responsibility. Your job is to focus on product development.

3. Adopting cloud computing gives you more flexibility

Other standout benefits of implementing cloud computing is that you can much more flexible. What does it mean?

Let’s imagine that everything goes the way you want, or probably beyond your expectations. Your product becomes so popular. Thousands or even millions of users use it every day. At this point, you obviously know what you are going to do. Yes right. You need to make some upgrades to your server. Upgrading server specifications are much easier in cloud computing than a traditional server. You typically only need to click some buttons to ask your provider to do it.

Another advantage, you can simply migrate to another provider if you find your current provider doesn’t suit your needs anymore.

4. Increase teamwork flexibility

Cloud computing basically covers many aspects, not limited to server. SaaS is one of the service types you can adopt from the cloud computing concept. The biggest difference between SaaS and traditional software (desktop-based) is that SaaS allows you to work collaboratively with your team by inviting them on a certain task that requires a teamwork. When it comes to app development, tools like Lucidchart and are the good examples you can use. They allow you to work on diagrams collaboratively, without having to meet physically. Other tools like GitHub and GitLab are also extremely helpful.

Implementing a certain SaaS is good for startups which have no headquarter yet. You keep being able to work together online. In order to smoothen the communication among team members, you can take advantage of tools like Slack, Flowdock, ChatWork to Flock. Adopting cloud computing can help you be more flexible in terms of working place.

5. Better security

Security should be the aspect you notice seriously if you want to run an online business. No matter the field. I can say that cloud computing can give better secure access service edge since most cloud computing providers perform regular security audits than you probably would on your local server. Some of them even back up data to additional remote servers so data loss just will not happen.

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