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Best Cryptocurrency Trading Bots 2022

Artificial intelligence and big data processing methods allow computers to handle information and make decisions in certain areas much more precisely and faster than humans. And that’s exactly why cryptocurrency trading bots are a must for crypto traders aiming at big profits. Find out about the best bots for trading crypto in 2022.


3Commas operates in over 18 major exchange platforms and offers vivid functionality for various trading strategies. It features tools for automatic smart trade with programmable indicators, an options bot for better risk management, and long-term investment automation. What makes it great is that you can choose bot presets from top traders and use their strategies to increase ROI.


Pionex comes with 16 free trading bots from the box and works on the commission model, taking a reasonable 0,05% from profits it brings to you. It features a grid trading function, claims to help you earn 15-50% APR on the futures, and DCA automation to buy with reduced volatility effect.


CoinRule is a cloud-based trading bot that is best for mobile traders. It features a free-for-all version with trimmed functionality and is compatible with such popular exchanges as Binance, Bitfinex, Huobi, and OKEx. Though technical analysis is not supported, users can share their strategies through it using TradingView.


This bot will suit expert traders because it allows users to use externals signals and candle patterns to build their own smart trading strategies. There are both free and paid indicators from various sources, which can be used to trade over 75 cryptocurrencies on 9 popular exchange platforms. is special in the way that it allows you to follow other traders and automatically match your portfolio with theirs. The bot will handle buying and selling on its own. This bot is perfect for those who want to learn by copying the experts’ methods or don’t want to bother with developing their own strategies.

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