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10 Best Online Infographic Creators You Can Use for Free

If you have noticed at the trend of content distribution in the past few years, you will find a fact that the use of infographic is getting more massive. Many online medias, whether news portals or blogs, use infographic to convey certain facts.

Compared to conventional text content, visual contents like infographic can perform better in gaining more attentions and engagements. That is why many online medias are pleased to use infographic. Besides, human brain is better at remembering image than text. So, interested to use infographic too?

Many still thinking that creating an attractive infographic requires an advanced skill in design. Okay, having a good designing skill is great for creating infographic. But, it doesn’t mean that those who have a poor designing skill won’t be able create an attractive infographic. Thanks to online infographic creator you can create an attractive infographic, even if you haven’t touched tools like CorelDraw before.

Here is the list of the best online infographic creators you can use to create an attractive infographic for free.

1. Piktochart

Piktochart is an online tool which allows you to create visual contents, including infographic. This is a freemium tool so you can use it for free although you can will get more features if you upgrade your account. As an online infographic creator, Piktochart is feature-rich enough. There are plenty of ready-to-use elements you can apply to the working canvas. But, before starting to add any element, you can select the offered templates first. There are plenty of ready-to-use templates you can use too.

All templates offered by Piktochart are fully editable. You can change all of the default contents and backgrounds. If you need to upload an image from your computer, Piktochart also allows you to do it. Can you download your infographic? Absolutely. Piktochart allows you to download the infographic you created in three formats, PNG, JPEG and PDF. Free account is allowed to download the file with the resolution up to 1200 x 4409 px. Sadly, you can’t remove the Piktochart logo if you use a free account.

2. Infogram

Same as Piktochart, Infogram is also an online tool to create visual contents, including infographic. Currently, the infographic creator provided by this tool is still in beta phase, but you have been able to use it. The available features and menus of Infogram are not far different to Piktochart whereby you can add such element as charts, shapes, images to texts. Infogram also allows you to upload image from your computer in case you need it.

Sadly, Infogram only offers a single template, but with so many elements you can add this probably not a huge problem for creative people like. But sadly again, there are not much you can do with the infographic you created. You can’t even download it, at all. Unless you upgrade your free account.

3. Vizualize

Vizualize is thematic online infographic creator. It specializes to help you to create an infographic of your resume. More specifically, Vizualize will convert your LinkedIn profile into a more attractive resume in a visual form. That is why this tool provide a login via LinkedIn option. At the time of writing, there are 6 different templates you can choose. Each template can be edited by adjusting the colors and font style. Of course, you are also allowed delete unnecessary parts.

Vizualize is currently still in beta phase. The downside of Vizualize is it comes with no download option. The only thing you can do to share your visualized LinkedIn profile is via URL.

4. Canva

We have mentioned Canva a couple times in our previous posts. I have to mention it again in this post since Canva is a pretty cool tool to create visual contents online. Canva itself is a freemium tool which means you can use it for free in case you just want to create an infographic for specific need, not too frequent. This tool allows you to download the infographic you created in either PDF or PNG/JPG, but with a lower resolution than Piktochart. Your infographic will be downloaded in a 800×1200 resolution, if you creating an infographic using free account.

The plus of Canva is that it comes with richer template options than Piktochart. Other pluse, there are over 1.000.000 images you can use on Canva, starting from free to paid ones. Canva is taking advantage of APIs from free stock photos websites like Unsplash to enrich its image library. Alternatively, you can also upload your own image.

5. Venngage

Before using Venngage for the first time you will be asked several things such as your occupation, the type of infographic you are going to create and so on. Venngage need those data to personalize your workspace. For instance, if you choose to create social media-related infographic, Venngage will provide you some templates and menus that have relation with social media. In general, the menus offered by this tool are not far different to all online infographic creators above. You can add such elements as shapes, images, icons and so on. Venngage itself is a freemium account, but the free version of this tool doesn’t allow you to download the infographic you created.

6. Easel.ly

With proud, Easel.ly explains that there have been more than 6,000,000 infographics generated by it. Indicating that Easel.ly is popular enough and useful as well. In general, all menus provided by this online infographic creator are quite similar to all tools above. But, instead of sidebar, the menus are placed at the top bar just like conventional desktop app. Easel.ly also comes with rich enough infographic templates which you can use for free. Easel.ly is also a freemium tool and you are welcomed to download the infographic you created with your free account, but in lower resolution (about 684×839, in JPG).

7. Visme

Visme is also a great freemium tool to create visual contents online, including infographic. Since it’s freemium tool so that you can use it for free but restricted to only 3 projects per month. Visme has over 500+ infographic templates you can choose to create an attractive infographic. But, you need to upgrade your account to use all of them. Free users of Visme are also allowed to download the created infographics for free, but won’t be able to remove the Visme logo that is located at the bottom-right corner within the infographic. The infographic file itself will downloaded in a JPG format with the resolution of 800×1200.

In Visme, you can also add such elements as shapes, images, icons and so on. Same as Canva, Visme is also taking advantage of free stock photo website API (Unsplash) so that you can directly insert a certain photo from Unsplash photographers. Visme also makes it possible if you want to use your own photo.

8. Mind the Graph

Mind the Graph is an online infographic creator specialized to help you create scientific infographic. All of the elements offered by this tool, icons in particular, are related to science. For instance you probably want to create an infographic about a food chain or an anatomy of human body with this tool. Mind the Graph also allows you to add other elements to the infographic you are working on, including photo. However, if you use free version of Mind the Graph, you are restricted to upload only a single photo per project.

Furthermore, free version of Mind the Graph also allows you download the infograpic you created in 72 dpi. According to Min the Graph, famous universities like Harvard University, University of London to Stanford University also use it.

9. Snappa

If you are looking for an online infographic creator that allows you to use it for free as well as allows you to download the watermark-free infographic file, Snappa is probably the tool you want. However, free account is restricted to only 5 download per month. Plus, you won’t also be able to use all of the offered templates. Snappa is an ideal tool for internet marketers who want to create visual contents like infographic to gain more attentions and engagements as well.

In general, the features and menus of Snapp are not far different to all tools above. What makes Snappa different to tools above is this tool also provides plentiful pattern you can use as the background of the infographic you are working on.

10. Creately

Creately is another freemium online infographic creator that allows you to download the watermark-free infographic file you created. Your file will be downloaded in a large enough resolution with a very good quality. You are given a freedom whether want to download it in a PNG, JPG or PDF format. You can even download it an editable SVG format.

Creately is basically an online diagram creator tool. But, with a bit creativity, you can also take advantage of it to create infographic. The fact, there are plenty of ready-to-use infographic templates offered by this tool. You can find the “Template” menu at the row of menu bar. Unlike tools above which mostly built with HTML5, Creately is a flash based tool.

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