Carden Token (CDN) is getting Listed on KuCoin

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Carden Token (CDN) is getting Listed on KuCoin

Kucoin will list CARDEN (CDN) in beginning of January 2022. As stated from their announcement and decision date email. Kucoin is extremely proud to announce yet another great project coming to our trading platform. Carden Token (CDN) will be available on Kucoin platform. Supported trading pair will be CDN/USDT.


Carden Token is a cryptocurrency that has seen quite a lot interest recently. Surprisingly, this token isn’t even yet on exchange. Presale starts 8.11.2021. The project is relatively new but very interesting in world of E-commerce. Let’s look what makes this token so good and why are investors waiting in line to buy it on ICO presale. As of writing this there are 12 000+ investors waiting in line to invest.

Carden is E-commerce platform for cryptocurrency holders for purchasing real world goods and services.
The platform will except Carden accept real world coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple at launch.
Carden token will be primary and only token accepted for buying goods and services. Our proprietary currency carden exchange protocol (CCEP) will find the best rates for conversion to Carden token automatically and exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple to Carden token.

This is the first cryptocurrency with this idea of connecting e-commerce merchants and small retailers and at the same time turning real world currencies into crypto in the background without need for customer to do it manually.
Imagine going to one website and putting products in one cart, buy products with any currency and you got it in reality from Alibaba, Ebay, Nike and other webshops for best prices and from best sellers.
Also they are prepared to do the same thing with virtual world or so called metaverse.

They have already attracted large investors and with variation with smaller private individuals as investors they want to achieve a stable price when the token enters the market. Everything seems to be going according to plan.
We are expecting a lot from this token. It will sure be interesting to see how crypto market will react on such an interesting project.

Carden pay will be integrated on blockchain payment gateway, connecting retail and e-commerce payments. That way CARDEN delivers lowest rates compared to traditional payment gateways

Official website:

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