Cloud Storage Services; Why It is Better Than External Storage

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Cloud Storage Services; Why It is Better Than External Storage

If you lived in the days when floppy disks and CDs were the only way to store your data, then you know we have come a long way. If anything happened to the floppy disk or the dreaded format disk message came up, you know you were in trouble. A small scratch on your city would render it unusable. We will not even go into how many you had to buy to get sufficient storage. With cloud storage, you can access your files from wherever you are on whatever gadget. Finding the right cloud storage service is essential, and you can get some of the top options here.

So why do you need cloud storage services?

Convenience and Safety

While a flash drive may not be bulky or inconvenient to carry around, you can lose it. The wrong person may also get access to it, which could land you in a lot of trouble if you have sensitive data on it. You also have to contend with the storage space allocation that comes with the type you buy. You will not get anything bigger than 128 GB, but the more the capacity, the more expensive it gets. You may also have had the unfortunate experience of using the USB input on a laptop, and it refuses to detect your flash disk. How about having to flush or reformat the disc because of a virus infection.

Backup Features

Cloud storage is safe and gives you access to a lot of storage space. You can back up your files without worrying about where to store the external drives. Most importantly, the information will always be there until you delete it on your own. You can also set up your smart devices in a way that every time you upload anything, it automatically backs up to your cloud storage.

Sharing Of Information

Remember the days when if you needed to share any information with a colleague, you would need to copy the file on a flash drive then physically send it over to him or her. Now imagine that ten people within your team need the same information. It would require ten flash discs and a courier to run from place to place. With cloud storage, you enjoy an immediate exchange of data. You can also give more than one person access to the files and can work from remote locations.

Whoever has access to the files can make changes that are immediately available to the other people on the network. It allows for better efficiency, especially within an office setting. You get to save on time that you would otherwise use shuttling from location to location.

It is Cost-Effective

If you compare the cost of buying an external hard drive for storage and using the cloud, you will realize a significant saving. Most come with an initial free storage capacity of up to 2 GB. The cost thereafter is quite affordable; Google drive gives you 100GB for less than $24 annually.

Final Thoughts

Cloud storage offers convenience, safety and a cost-effective way to store your data.

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