Common Problems that Occur During Online Classes

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Common Problems that Occur During Online Classes

Some schools (like an Online Elementary School) started offering online classes as early as the second week of July. I was one of those students who began to explore e-learning during the pandemic. It is hard to believe that I took face-to-face classes for granted after the dramatic changes in education. During this time of difficulty, it seems like our only option is to use our smartphones. Everything is simplifying nowadays. Student can even “pay someone to write my paper cheap” so they can allocate their time the way they want to.

We try to make the most of what we have and not be left behind as students. Online learning is the best option for us, but it’s hard to imagine how students will adapt and deal with the challenges that online classes present, especially synchronous classes. Synchronous classes can be classes that are conducted in real-time and there are many problems. Unfortunately, the majority of these problems are technical.

Internet Connection

Our country is actually an internet-challenged nation. This has caused delays in remote learning implementation. While internet plans are available, they are not all created equal. Online classes are not the same as traditional classrooms. Students have complained about everything, from “Can someone tell me how I/he/she was disconnected?” to “Oops! Where did he go? Referring to the professor who didn’t realize that he was cut off, “I have unstable Wifi”, and “Do you guys hear/see me?” Even though we are in the city, we still experience such mishaps. Students who live in rural areas with a weak signal are more vulnerable than city dwellers. They have to “move mountains” to get a few bars.

Audio Clarity

Poor internet connections can lead to audio problems, but the microphone you use may be a contributing factor. Distracting background noises and unwanted echoes from professors or students reciting are the most common problems. Being on-call with headphones with a built-in microphone is not advisable. My classmates bought a separate microphone to ensure they could recite properly in the class. It is a good option for those who have the means. Although it may not be as expensive, it is still an additional expense.

Software & Devices Outdated

Before the pandemic, I was happy with what I had. Although they may not have the most recent technology, they all worked well for me. When online classes were offered, everything changed. My devices weren’t up to the task. They were becoming a bit too slow and have become Jurassic. Most classes are conducted via video conference, so most platforms require an upgraded system in order to function efficiently. To cut the long story short, I needed to upgrade the system as well as the device. Unfortunately, this is not a luxury everyone can afford. It is not at this time that most jobs are in jeopardy.

System Glitch

The application that is used for online classes has its good days and bad. It may seem simple from a student’s point of view, like opening our device and logging into it, but we also have to deal with a system glitch. This could be the crashing of an application, sudden withdrawal from an ongoing class, or incompatibility of certain applications on certain devices.

Attention span is very short

Although this problem is not technical, it remains a universal problem. Being attentive and focused in regular classroom settings, it takes self-discipline. Online classes require willpower to remain awake and focused. Even shorter attention spans have made online classes even more difficult. We can’t help but fall for the temptation to work from our homes. It was easier to doze off and multitask more often. We tend to be distracted by our phones, our pets, and our online classes more than our class lessons. If you have any problem writing your paper, you can always turn to the admission essay writing website to have your paper written.

These are only a few of the common problems that I and my classmates have faced. Online classes have their advantages, but we should still be sensitive and aware of all the situations that each student is in. As the number of COVID cases in our country continues to rise, as students, we must learn to be resilient and continue to be of help to our classmates as #NoStudentGetsLeftBehind.

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