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How to Connect Evernote to Dropbox. And Why

We have to admit. Evernote is one of the best names when it comes to note-taking app. Although its price has been increased and its free account has more limited features, many people keep using this app because it is feature-rich, easy to use and has a simple, clean interface.

Another good point of Evernote is that you can integrate it with other services to enable you get the more out of the online services you have. By default Evernote has been integrated with Google Drive to let you insert your Google Drive files for ease. But, keep it mind. It is different to back up. If you want to back up your Evernote notes to Google Drive you need to do some advanced steps.

Rather than backing up Evernote notes to Google Drive, some users may prefer to back up their Evernote notes to Dropbox. And why should Dropbox?.

The answer can be vary. But, the most plausible reason is that they have registered to the Dropbox paid user. It’s make sense enough when you’ve registered to the Dropbox paid user and start thinking of backing up all your valuable data to your Dropbox account.

So, how to connect Evernote to Dropbox?

Connecting Evernote to Dropbox

Evernote and Dropbox has no integral feature to let you connect them. The only way if you want to connect both services is by using the third party service. CloudHQ is one of the services that you can use. Follow the steps below to connect your Evernote account to Dropbox.

  • Before being able to connect Evernote to Dropbox you need to register to the CloudHQ first. Just visit this link and fill out your email address and click the Start cloudHQ Setup button.

  • CloudHQ will request for a permission. Just click Allow to continue.
  • You will be faced to two choice: Single User and IT Admin. If you want to connect your personal accounts you can select the first option. On other hand, if you are an IT staff at your office and want to sync multiple accounts you can select the second one. In this case I am going to use the first option.

  • Scroll down to the Applications section and you should see Evernote on the list. Click on the Evernote icon and drag it to the left side at Two-Way Sync Wizard. Click the Add Evernote button.

  • CloudHQ will request for a permission to access your Evernote notes, notebooks, tags and other required data. You can select how long you will give the permission to CloudHQ. Whether it’s one day, one week, one month or one year. Since you want to backup your Evernote notes to Dropbox it’s better to select one year option. Once you done selecting your choice just click the Allow button to continue.

  • Now you can select which notebook you want to backup. If you want to backup the whole Evernote notes you can select the Stack and notebooks option. Click the Select button to continue.

  • Click the Dropbox icon on the Storage section and drag it to the right side at Two-Way Sync Wizard. Click the Add Dropbox account.

  • Again. CloudHQ will request your permission to access your Dropbox files and folders. Just hit the Allow button to continue.

  • You will be asked if you want to create a new folder to sync your Evernote notes or prefer to use the existing ones. Click the Next button once you selected your choice.

  • On the next wizard you will asked for some options before start syncing. Just select your preferred options by checking at each option. You can change these options anytime. Once you done with this click the Start Sync button.

Please wait until the syncing process is done and you will have your Evernote notes appeared on your Dropbox account.

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  1. I have had both Evernote and Dropbox for a long time. I’m not sure I see the real value in backing up my Evernote to Dropbox. Evernote itself is cloud-based but I guess some people like the redundancy. What I’d really like to have is just the opposite. I’d like to be able to attach Word documents, Excel docs etc. to an Evernote note. I would like for these to be dynamic links, so that if I make changes to the original word or Excel documents (or others) those changes would show up on the appropriate “attachment” in the Evernote.