2 Ways to Convert WebP to JPG Online

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2 Ways to Convert WebP to JPG Online

There are some image formats out there, but not all of them are really portable. I mean, not every file format can be previewed using regular image viewer. WebP is one examples of that kind of image format.

WebP is an image format developed by Google. The internet giant intends this image format for the web need. The image format provides lossless and lossy compression. One thing that really matter about WebP is its image size.

A WebP lossless image is 26% smaller in size compared to PNG while a WebP lossy image is 25-34% smaller than JPEG. What about the quality? According to Google, a WebP image is equivalent to JPG and PNG even if the image size is smaller.

Why WebP?

WebP is meant to be used for web. If you have explored deeper at Google Play Store (web) you will find a fact that all images on the Android’s app repository are available in the WebP format. Since images with WebP format have smaller size, they also lighter and faster to be loaded. Make sense enough why Google loves to this format.

But again, the bad part about this image format is in terms of compatibility. It can’t be previewed using regular image viewer. Even not all web-based services have supported this format. For instance, if you are a WordPress blogger you can’t use a WebP image on your blog post.

What if you found a pretty WebP image and want to use it on your blog post? The only thing you can do is converting the image first. That’s what we are going to talk about. There are some image converter which can convert a WebP image to JPG or PNG. Including the ones that are available in the internet. Why internet? Because you don’t have to install any additional app to only convert an image.

This article will show you 2 best websites which you can use to convert your WebP image.

1. Convertio

Convertio is a great online converter. One of its capabilities is converting WebP to JPG. You can convert your existing WebP images from Dropbox, Google Drive, a certain URL or local storage. The only minor about this site is that you are limited to 10 images per day for free account. This article will show you how to convert a WebP image directly from URL.

  • Visit convertio.co/webp-jpg and select your images (rightmost if you want to convert image from URL).

  • Insert the URL and click the Submit button. Click the Convert button.

  • Wait a moment until the converting process is done and click the DOWNLOAD button.


Ezgif is basically an online GIF maker and simple image editor. But, it also has other service to help you convert image format, including from WebP to JPG. Unlike Convertio, you can convert as many image as you want without any limitation.

  • Click the Convert it button right below the image.

  • Click the Save button to download the converted image.

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