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How to Create Logo Online Using DesignEvo

No matter how big your business scale is, owning a nice looking logo helps people to recognize it more easily. You probably think that creating a good logo requires an advanced designing skill. Yes, having a good designing skill will help you creating a good logo as well. But, it is not mandatory.

Today, you can design a logo yourself even if you have no design background at all, thanks to online logo makers. In this article, we have covered the reliable online tools you can use to create logo online. Apparently, we missed DesignEvo.

DesignEvo is a handy online logo maker that will help you creating a better logo for your business. Using this tool is extremely easy. You can even use it without having to create any account. Once you done with the designing process, the tool lets you to download your final logo, still not requiring you to create an account.

DesigEvo features all elements you need to create a logo. From numerous options of fonts, shapes to icons. You can also set your own colors for every element you add. In this article, I am going to demonstrate how to use DesignEvo to create logo online. Not as complex as Coca Cola’s of course. At least it is decent enough to use.

In order to get the most out of DesignEvo, I prefer to create an account first. If you want to do the same, just visit the DesignEvo site and click the Sign Up button at the top-right corner. All you need to do is entering your email address and make a confirmation.

To start working, just click the Make a Logo for Free button and you will be presented the canvas where you can start designing.

And, here is the look of your canvas.

As you can see, there are three main menus available on the side panel consisting of Icon, Text and Shape. There are also icons above your canvas each for changing the canvas background, changing the layout, previewing your design and downloading the design you are working on.

Let’s start this example by adding the very basic element of a logo: company name. To do this, click the Text menu from the side panel and click the Add Company Name link. To add your company slogan you can click the Add Slogan link. In this example I will leave the slogan empty.

Next, select the font that represents your company the most. There are two font categories you can choose from — Classic and Art — with each offers numerous collections. Before selecting a font, click your logo first to make it available on the editing mode.

You can also adjust the font color to match it with your company image. To do this, just click your logo and pick your preferred color from the available toolbar. In addition to changing the font color you can also change font size, applying effect and so on.

If you wish it, you can also add a certain icon to the logo you are designing. Just click the the Icon menu from the side panel and type the icon you want to add. To change the icon color, click on the icon and pick your preferred color from the toolbar.

The last element you can add when creating logo with DesignEvo is shape. You can add shapes from circle, rectangle, triangle, ribbon and lots more. There are six shape categories you can choose from which each offers numerous options. To add a certain shape, just click the Shape menu from the side panel and select your preferred shape from the available shape categories. To change the icon color, click the icon and pick your preferred color from the toolbar.

Lastly, once you done with your logo design, it’s time you download it. Before downloading your logo, you can adjust the dimension of your design right beneath the canvas.

To start downloading, simply click the Download button at the top-right corner.

Before being able to download your logo, you will be asked to give DesignEvo a credit by spreading it to your social media account, website or blog. Once you done with this prerequisite, your logo will be automatically downloaded as a ZIP file containing the PNG and JPG files of your logo.

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