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8 Tools to Create Your Own Business Cards Online

Every business owner needs a business card. It’s a common medium to introduce your business in a certain event. However, not everyone has a decent design skill to create a business card. Thankfully, there are a bunch of tools you can use to create your own business cards, for free.

You don’t even need to install new app on your computer thanks to the existence of online design tools like Canva and Crello. Those two tools come with the capability of designing business cards. So, you can work right away from web browser. Some tools even offer a business card printing online feature to allow you to directly print your business card.

In addition to Canva and Crello, there are several other tools that have a capability of creating a business card. Here is the list of tools you can use to create your own business cards online.

1. Business Card Maker by Namecheap

Business Card Maker by Namecheap is a top-rated choice widely used by professionals and business owners to create a business card. With the tool, you can create a professional business card without the need of mastering graphic design skills. The tool offers pre-made designs you can choose from. You can add key elements to your design. Such as name, job title, contact information, and so on. Not only does Business Card Maker by Namecheap allow you to create the design, the online business card maker also offers printing service so that you don’t need to print the cards yourself.

2. Lucidpress

Lucidpress is a feature-rich online design tool and often considered as the best online alternative to Adobe InDesign. Not only you can use Lucidpress to create business cards, but also other designs like brochures, posters, flyers and so on. Nearly everything you can create with InDesign can also be created using this tool.

There are over 10 free business card templates offered by Lucidpress. Not much, but you can customize a template you choose by adding such elements as images or shapes. You can also add useful icons like social media icons, email icon, home page icon and so on. Lucidpress itself is a freemium tool. To create a simple business card, free version I think is more than enough.

3. Canva

Canva is a versatile online design tool. The use of this tool is pretty similar to Lucidpress. Which means you can use it to replace desktop-based design tools like InDesign or Microsoft Publisher. Canva is unbeaten when it comes to free templates. It’s because this tool has an open ecosystem which allows third parties to contribute templates. When creating a business card using Canva, you can also add such elements as images, shapes and also icons. Just like Lucidpress. Canva comes with an easy-to-use interface. You can use it even if you haven’t used any design tool before. Canva is also a freemium tool. You don’t need to upgrade your account if you just want to create a simple business card.

4. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a relatively new tool. It was just released in 2016. The functionalities of this tool is pretty similar to Lucidpress and Canva, which means that you can use it to create designs for marketing campaigns, including business card. When creating a business card using Adobe Spark, you can select the offered templates — which you can find on the DESIGN menu. The good thing about Adobe Spark is that it gives you a chance to change the layout of the template you chose. You are also allowed to add such elements as images or icons. Adobe Spark is integrated with Adobe Stock, Google Photos and Dropbox. So, if you have some image collections stored on one of those services you can easily add one to your business card.

5. Crello

Crello is the twin brother of Canva. Hardly any difference between them in terms of interface. They both are pretty similar. However, Crello is not Canva. They both are owned by different companies. Crello is owned by a stock photo agency Depositphotos. Unlike three first tools above, Crello is completely free to use. There are no premium features offered by Crello. You will only need to spend money once you want to use one of the premium photos sold by Depositphotos. Crello is great enough to create business card. The features offered by this tool are pretty similar to Canva.

6. FotoJet

There are three tools offered by FotoJet: collage maker, photo editor and design tool. The design tool offered by FotoJet can be used to create business cards for free. FotoJet has tens or hundreds business card templates, but not all of them are free to use. If you use the free version of FotoJet, you will only given limited enough business card templates. FotoJet also allows you to add a wide range of icons to your business card. It’s integrated with Facebook in case you want to import your existing Facebook photos.

7. Business Card Maker

The features offered by Business Card Maker are limited enough. You won’t be able to add any additional element to your business card except for image. To add an image, you have to upload it from your computer. Even so, Business Card Maker offers drag and drop functionality to allow you to set the position of the text on your card. There are tens of business card templates you can choose from.

8. Business Card Maker by FreeLogoServices

Like the name suggests, the main service of this tool is basically to help you create logos online. However, it also offers a tool to allow you create business cards. Same as Business Card Maker above, the business card maker by FreeLogoServices also doesn’t have too many features. You can’t even add icons. The way this tool works is also completely different to all tools above. Instead of canvas, you are provided a set of fields to edit the elements like name, address and job title. This tool is free to use, so there is no bad to give it a try every time you need to create new business cards.

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