How to Create A Custom URL of Your Profile in Flickr

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How to Create A Custom URL of Your Profile in Flickr

Try to ask your fellow photographer who is sitting next to you, do he/she has a Flickr account?. There is a big chance he/she will say yes. Anything wrong?. No, at all. It’s just, not all Flickr users know how to get the most out of the service.

One of ways you can do in maximizing your Flickr account is creating a custom URL for your account. Something like “”. Why you need to set this? Because the default URL of flickr is a bit hard to be remembered.

By default, Flickr comes with a complex URL structure. You will be given a default URL like “” to visit your profile. To make it easier to be remembered you can set a custom URL to replace the default one. Flickr allows you to do that. Once changed, your URL will be looks like “”. Prettier. Isn’t it?

Steps to create a custom URL in Flickr

  • Visit and login with your account. Click your profile icon and select Settings.

  • Look for “Your Flickr web addresses” section and click the “Create your own memorable Flickr web address” link.

  • Type your preferred name and click the PREVIEW button.

  • Once you sure with your preferred name, click the OK, LOCK IT IN button. Please note, once you save your alias, it can’t be changed later, so please make sure it’s what you want.

Flickr will give you two custom URLs. For your photos and your profile.

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