7 Best Resources to Download Audiobooks for Free and Legal

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7 Best Resources to Download Audiobooks for Free and Legal

Internet is the source of everything. Nearly all things we need is available in the internet. Audiobooks are no exception.

The problem is, not all contents available in the internet are really legal. There are several sites that offers pirated, illegal contents for personal advantage. Without caring about intellectual right or something like that.

Audiobooks are also a kind of stealable contents. If you don’t want to be a part of that darkness and prefer to download free audiobooks legally, then you can refer to the following list.

I have explored the internet and found several great sites that let you download audiobooks for free and legal. Fully free without required login. I also exclude a site that only offers you free trial. That’s why you will not see Audible in the list.

So, here they are.

1. Librivox

This is probably the best source if you are looking for a free, legal audiobook. Librivox is made up of an army of volunteers from around the world who read and record books which have passed into the public domain. Of course, you can also become a part of volunteers if you want it. In Librivox you can listen and download each audiobook partially per chapter or the whole chapter in a zip file.

The audiobooks in the Libribox are grouped by genre, title and author to make it easy for you finding the audibooks you want.

2. Loyal Books

Another best source to discover free and legal audibooks. According to a brief description on its site, Loyal Books provides more than 7,000 audiobooks. They all available for free and legal to be downloaded. Apart from audio you can also download the books in other digital formats like ePUB or PDF. The good thing about this site that Librivox doesn’t have is that you can read the long enough description about each book you want to download/listen so you can get more overview about that book.

Loyal Books also comes with a good navigation to enable you explore the books easier. You can discover the books based on genre and languages. You can also use the available search bar to find the books you want.

3. ThoughtAudio

Has a limited collections but there is no bad to visit ThoughtAudio if you are looking for an old books from Mark Twain, Plato to Lao Tzu. The audiobooks available on this site are also free to be listened and downloaded. A brief description is also available to find out what is you are going to listen.

4. Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a digital library for free digital contents like books, movies and musics. One of kind of digital contents you can find on this site is audiobooks. Basically, the audibooks available on this site come from folks at Librivox. But, if you want to explore Librivox audiobooks from other place, there is no bad to give Internet Archive a try.

5. Lit2Go

Lit2Go is another great source to discover free and legal audibooks. This site also has dozens collections of audiobooks that you can listen directly on the site or bring them offline as MP3 files. Unfortunately, you can only download the audiobooks per chapter. So, if you want to have the whole chapter on your computer you need to download them one by one.

This site also comes with a good navigation to ease your task finding the best audibooks to be listened. You can discover the audiobooks by tittle, author or genre. Lit2Go is part of University of South Florida. The site comes in a classic black and white interface.

6. Storynory


Storynory is the best source if you are looking for a free audiobook for your kids. This site has dozens collections of audiobooks that are aimed for kids starting from fairy tales, myths, poems to educational stories. The audibooks can be listened directly from the site or offline by downloading the MP3 file of each audiobook you want your kids listen to.

7. Librophile

Most audiobook contents in Librophile are also provided by Librivox. But if you want to feel something different of listening to Librivox audiobooks then you can turn this one. There are over 100,000 free digital books available on this site. You can also either listen the audiobooks directly from the site or offline as the site lets you to download the MP3 file of each audiobook for free.

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