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9 Best Places to Download Footage for Free and Legal

Lately, the more videographers who share a footage of a video project they are working on to make their fans be curious what is something they are working. Wait, what is footage?

Theoretically, footage is unedited material originally filmed by recording devices, be it movie camera, video camera or even your smartphone camera. In other word, footage is basically a raw file of video. Since it is a raw file so footage typically must be processed further to result a final video product.

As a videographer, you may be sometimes missed a certain part you supposed to record. For instance, you want an opening video of someone who is pouring a hot coffee on a cup, but sadly you missed this part during the recording process.

Don’t worry if you have no time to retake the footage. There are several resources that allow you to download footage for free and legal. Here are some of which.

1. Videvo

With a very easy-to-use interface and abundant collection, Videvo is one of the best places to find and download footage for your video-related creative projects. The site of Videvo not only offers footage but also other kinds of video, including motion graphic. Discovering footage in this site is extremely easy since each footage (and also other kinds of video) is put together into different places based on its category. The offered search box makes it even easier for you to find the footage you want.

Is all footages are free to download? And what about the use of each footage?

Yes. All footages available on Videvo are free to download, but the use of each video is vary depends on its license. Most footages are released under the CC0. You can find the license of each footage on the download page of the footage.

2. Pexels.com

You probably more know Pexels as a free stock photos website You are not wrong. Pexels is a good place to find and download high-res free photos. But, the website also offers quality footage to cover your need regarding the video materials. Same as photos, all footages on Pexels are also licensed under the CC0, which mean you can use them as you want. Including for commercial projects.

You can find plenty kinds of footage on Pexels. From landscape to drone footage. The handy search feature makes it easy for you discovering the footage you want.

3. Videezy

Videezy is a user-driven website just like two websites mentioned earlier above. The footages on this website are mostly available in a high resolution. You can also use all of the footages for any purpose including commercial-oriented ones. But, there is a rule you need to obey. You will be prompted to give Videezy a credit. There are three offered ways on how to credit Videezy. First, you can add “Videezy.com” in the final credits of your video project. Second, you can add “Videezy.com” in the final copy. Or, you can also credit Videezy by mentioning the website of Videezy if you use a footage from Videezy on your website.

4. Stock Footage for Free

Just like the name suggests, this website allows you to download quality footage for free, but you need be its registered member first before being able to download footage. Unlike three websites above in which community-driven website where the contents are generated by users, Stock Footage for Free tends to similar to a personal blog, but instead of article, it offers footage. You can also use the footage you downloaded from this website for any purpose including commercial.

The footage collections on Stock Footage for Free are also arranged very well based on each category to ease you discovering the footage you need.

5. Pixabay

Same as Pexels, Pixabay also tends to popular as a free stock photos websites. Nevertheless, you can also discover hundreds or even thousands of footage on this site. Most of them are released under the CC0 license where you can use them for free for any purpose. Pixabay also comes with a very friendly interface that will make your job become much easier in finding footage you need. The handy search feature makes everything even easier.

6. Vidsplay

Vidsplay has a similarity to Videezy in terms of use. You can also use all of the footages available on Vidsplay for free whether for commercial or not. But, you are required to credit Vidsplay as an appreciation. If you use a Vidsplay’s footage on your website you can put a back link to Vidsplay.com, while if you use a Vinsplay’s footage on other platforms, YouTube for instance, you can credit Vidsplay by mentioning it on the final credits on your video content.

7. Motion Elements

Motion Elements not specifically offers footage. Instead, it also offers other kinds of multimedia contents like music and animation to motion. Most contents available on this site are basically paid contents, but there are also plenty of contents that are released for free including footage. Although the number of free footage is not too much but still, it is better than nothing. Right?

You can explore the free footage offered by Motion Elements on this page. Be sure to read the license of each footage before using it. Most free footages are released as royalty-free stuffs which mean you can use them for any purpose including commercial. Read more about the license here.

8. Open Footage

Well, the footages available on Open Footage are not fully free. You are allowed to download the offered footages for free but in a lower resolution (under 720p). If you want to download the higher resolution of your desired footage you will be asked to pay certain nominal. The lower resolution of footage, which you can download for free, are released under the CC 4.0. This is the type Creative Common license that allows you to use certain work for non commercial purpose. In other word, the footages available on Open Footage can’t be used for commercial project.

9. Cute Stock Footage

Cute Stock Footage isn’t also specifically offers free footage. There are other contents like photos and sound effects you can get too. For free. You can discover several kinds of footage on this site like nature, abstract, bokeh and so on. This website allows you to use the footage for any purpose, including commercial.

Cute Stock Footage is not a user-driven website. Just be smart to download footage on this site since there are several annoying ads that potentially cheat you. The real download button is located below the Keywords section.

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