How to Create Photo Slideshows in Seconds With Dropbox Paper

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How to Create Photo Slideshows in Seconds With Dropbox Paper

Most people know Dropbox as one of the best cloud storage service. But, Dropbox is actually more than just that. With many integrations and supports, you can also make use of Dropbox as a collaboration tool. Dropbox Paper is one of the Dropbox’s feature to enable you work collaboratively online with your team. It’s similar to Google Docs where you can add other member to contribute.

In Dropbox Paper you can’t only add texts. It also enables you to add images and even create a slideshow of them.

Imagine this case. You just got a brilliant idea of the next event your company want to held. You have created the framework of your idea and put it on Dropbox Paper and want to demonstrate it with your office mates. You have also added some supporting photos for convincing your office mates over your idea.

Dropbox Paper has a Presentation Mode to ease you presenting your document. All can be done in a single click. Whatever your case, whether you want to present your brilliant idea like the case above or just want to showcase your holiday trip, here is how to create photo slideshows in Dropbox Paper.

  • First off, login with your Dropbox account and click the Paper link.

  • Click the “Create new doc” button to create new document. Or you can also edit the existing ones.

  • Click the “+” button and choose the image icon (leftmost) to add photos on your document. Or you can also choose the Dropbox icon to add photos from the existing files in your Dropbox account.

You can add as many photos as you want. Once done adding photos, you can arrange them. Make it on the left, right. Anywhere. The best way to present individual photos is a simple linear arrangement. But, there is no bad to try other orders. One photo at the top and two or three below it, for instance. Or you can try a box-like layout with two photos on the top and two below.

As you can see on your worksheet, you can also add caption of your photos to make it clearer what you want to present. Once everything is done you can click the three-dot icon and select Present to start your slideshow.

Clicking the Present button will take you to a new tab in your browser where the slideshow will be displayed. To toggle to the full screen mode just click the double-headed arrow icon at the top-right corner.

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