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Filemail is A Great Tool to Send Large Files Online

Every professional photographer or videographer needs a decent tool to send their works to clients over the internet. Often time, email is not enough covering such need since it has maximum limit of file attachment.

You have lots of options to send large files via internet if the total size of the files you want to send is larger than the maximum size allowed by the email service you use. Cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive might are great to handle the job, but there is a better way you can opt to: using Filemail.

What is that?

Filemail is an online service specialized to send large files online. It comes with several features to make your file transfer more secure. For instance, you can set the file availability period and protect your files with password to prevent from them falling to the wrong hand.

Filemail is definitely not the only online file transfer service out there. Similar services like WeTransfer and Send Anywhere exist as well. However, Filemail is superior when it comes to maximum allowed file size. You can use it to send large files with the total size of up to 50GB for free! You don’t even need to make a registration to send files of that size.

As a comparison, WeTransfer only allows you to send files with the maximum size of 2GB, while Send Anywhere limits you with the maximum file size of 4GB.

Features that make Filemail standout

Allowing you to send large files up 50GB is just the beginning. There are several other features offered by Filemail that make it standout. One of which is that you can customize the email that is sent to your recipients. You can, for instance, add a logo or background to the email content. This feature is especially great for a business to grow the brand name and image.

You can also integrate Filemail with your website by installing an upload form. With upload form, you can receive large files from your clients or teammates. To install the Filemail upload form, all you need to do is add a line of code. Again, you can also customize the interface of the form to make it blend with your website. Filemail also offers API for developers who want to develop and app and want to make use of Filemail to exchange large files

Filemail also offers official apps for desktop and mobile platforms so that you don’t have to always use the web version to send large files. The desktop app of Filemail even offers faster file transfer thanks to its transfer acceleration technology.

During our test, the upload speed of Filemail Desktop reached the number of 14 Megabit per second!. As you can see on the screenshot below.

Filemail Desktop utilizes UDP transfer acceleration – which provides consistently high transfer speeds regardless of your physical location. UDP Transfer acceleration like this is typically only offered by larger companies like IBM Aspera and Signiant costing thousands of dollars. Filemail offers this for free – which is pretty amazing. This is a game-changer that is guaranteed to disrupt the market for corporate file sharing.

While on Filemail web, the average upload speed is below 1 Megabit per second.

When the transfer process is running, you can pause it to continue later.

The desktop app of Filemail itself is available for Windows and Mac, while the mobile app of Filemail is available for iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android. In addition, Filemail also offers an Outlook add-in.

Free vs Pro

Important to note that customization and web integration feature are only available on the Pro version. In addition to those two features, another features available on the Pro version are unlimited file transfer, unlimited speed transfer and password protection. The Pro version of Filemail also allows you to make the files you transferred available forever on the Filemail server. If you choose this option, Filemail offers permanent storage which is free up to 100 GB per user.

The Pro version of Filemail itself is often used by companies that need to both send and receive large files to and from clients or companies that need to customize the download page or download email.

How to use Filemail

Filemail gives you two options on how to send large files online. First, you can send them directly to the email addresses of your recipients (you can add up to 10 recipients with free version). Or, you can use a link instead and send it (the download link) via chat apps, email, web page and so on . In this article we will show you how to send large files using the web version of Filemail.

First off, visit the website of Filemail and click the Add Files button to select your files. Or, you can also click the Add Folder button if you have put together the files you want to send in a single folder.

Select how you want your files to be sent. If you want them to be sent via email, stick to the Send as email tab and enter your email address, the email addresses of your recipients, subject and the message and click the Send button. Or, if you want to send the files via link, switch to the Send as link tab.

A confirmation pop-up will appear, asking you to set the file availability duration. If you want, you can also protect your files with a password (Pro version only)

The verdict

There are a bunch of online file transfer services out there. If you want to personalize the download email or download page in an attempt of branding, Filemail is one of the best options you can use. It allows you to customize the download email (email that is sent to your recipients) or download page by adding your company logo or set the background representing your company image. You can also protect your files with a password for an additional security.

Filemail itself is a freemium service. Even with the free version you are allowed to send large files up to 50GB, which is totally insane. Filemail is definitely a must-try service if you want to send large files online in a simplest, nicest way.

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