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12 Best Places to Get Free Background Music for Your Video Projects

It’s hard to accept a fact when you have worked so hard making a good YouTube video only to have YouTube take it down because of a music copyright violation. It’s not YouTube’s fault at all. You may just don’t know the rule.

The first thing you should notice before adding a background music to your video projects is to ensure you have selected the legal file. It means that the music provider (the service/company where you got the music) allows you to use the music for any purpose, including for videos. Because not all legal music can be used for any other purpose but to be listened.

So, what if you should add music background to your video projects? Don’t worry, there are some places online where you can get free, legal music and use them for any purpose, including video music background. Here are the lists.

1. Videvo

Videvo is a great resource for digital creators who create multimedia content. While it mainly offers footage files, you can also find audio files to be used as the background music of your video content. At Videvo, you can find background music files from a wide range of genres. From jazz, blues, pop, rock, to instrumental music. Also, you can find sound effects such as rain, applause, gun shot, and so on.

The best thing about Videvo is that you can download a music file without creating an account. In other words, you can effortlessly download a file without having to login. You can download the music file in two formats: MP3 and WAV. You can use the music files you have downloaded for personal or commercial purpose.

2. Jamendo

Jamendo is one of the places you should consider when looking for a music for your video projects. All music available on this site are made by artist. But, keep in mind that not all music can be used for commercial purpose. In fact, you still have to pay some dollars if you plan to use the music for a commercial video projects.

However, if you just want to use the music for a personal use, vlog for instance, you don’t have to spend your dollars at all. All you need to do is credit the artist. You can directly download the music that impress you without having to login. Before downloading the music Jamendo will tell you how you can use the music.

3. Bensound

Bensound is created by a French composer, Benjamin Tissot. The composer releases his works under the Creative Commons license. You are allowed to use his works as long as credit him for every music you use. You can also buy the Pro License for each track if you don’t want to credit him. All tracks are also easy to download without any meticulous steps required.

4. Incompetech

Music offered by Incompetech are also released under the Creative Commons lisence. Which means you can use them for free with a credit required. Incompetech is created by composer Kevin MacLeod and has tons of music, categorized by genre and feel. Standard License is also available if you don’t want to place the credit for each music you use.

5. DanoSongs

This site is made by Dan-O, a songwriter and instrumental music maker. The man kindly releases their works for free with a credit required. Just like other sites in the list, DanoSongs also offers a paid package for those who don’t want to credit the creator for every track they use. Although has limited enough collections, there is no bad to give DanoSongs a try when you are looking for a music background for your video projects.

6. Free Soundtrack Music

Just like the name suggests, this site is place to go for those looking for free music. All tracks available in this site are available for royalty free. You can use the music for any type of videos starting from films, video games to YouTube videos. Before being able to download any music from Free Soundtrack Music you need to register to become its member. Once you registered you can login to preview the music and download them if you wish it.

7. ccMixter

You can use tracks available in ccMixter for any kind of video, including commercial. But giving a credit to the source (ccMixter) is required. If you don’t want to place a credit for the track you use you should buy the paid license. CcMixter use two type of Creative Commons license for the free use while for the commercial use the site adopt a license from TuneTrack.

Downloading music from ccMixter also extremely easy as you are not required to become a member of the site.

8. Musopen

Another site that has abundant collections of free music. In Musopen you can discover the music based on composer, instrument, performer, period and form. Not just modern music offered by this site but also the vintage ones from early 20th century and even late 19th century. Most tracks are released under the Creative Commons which means you need to credit Musopen for every track you use. Login is required to download each track.

9. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is also a site that has tons of music collections. You can explore the music based on genre or curator. There are 15 genres provided by this site starting from blues, rock, jazz, pop, rock to country. Most tracks from this site are released under the Creative Commons. You can effortlessly download every track without having to login first as each track is equipped with a download button. But, you better see the each track detail to see if the track released under Creative Commons or other license so you will know the rule on how to use the track.

10. Audionautix

All tracks at Audionautix are created by a kind guy, Jason Shaw. He releases all his works under the Creative Commons License 3.0. He allows you to use his works for any purpose, including commercial video projects. All he want is your kindness to credit him by mentioning “music by audionautix.com”. That’s all. The rest is up to you. You can explore music at Audionautix by genre and mood. Downloading the tracks is also easy as you are not required to login.

11. CCTrax

CCTrax has complex collections of free music that you can use without spending your dollars. To make it easy for you finding the music you want, the site is equipped with a handy search tool that you can use to discover the music by genre, artist, to label. Most works available on this site are released under the Creative Commons 3.0. But, there are some that released under other license so you better see the detail about the track you want to download to see what licensed is applied.

Most tracks at CCTrax can be used for any type of video with the exception of commercial purpose. Login is not required to download the tracks.

12. Pixabay

Pixabay is a great resource to download free content for your creative works. Previously, you can only download images from this site, but today you can also download free music. Recently, Pixabay released a new feature that allows its users to download royalty-free music for free. Music collections on Pixabay are very well-arranged. You can effortlessly find music by genre. Each music file can be previewed before you download it. Pixabay itself adopts a CC0-like license, allowing you to use the content you downloaded from its site for any purpose, including commercial without crediting the author.

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