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6 Places to Get Free Editable Infographic Templates

The biggest problem about creating something is specifying the first idea. When it comes to creating infographic, specifying the template concept can be that big problem. This can even take more minutes, which is not too good if you have much things to do today.

Since specifying the infographic template can take more minutes than you expected, you probably want to look for editable infographic templates and replace the default contents with your contents. Luckily, there are many good people who release some of their works for free to lighten other’s burden.

You can actually utilizing online infographic creators like Piktochart and Canva which have numerous collections of free template. But, if you are used to using desktop-based app, then you can refer to the following websites to get editable infographic templates for free.

1. ZippyPixels

ZippyPixels is a website that sells visual files like graphic templates and mockups. From flyer mockups, logo mockups, device mockups, website templates, infographic templates and so on. Even so, not all files require you to buy to use one. There are also files, including editable infographic templates, that are released for free. You can go to the Freebies page to get free editable infographic templates. Or you can also use the available search box and use certain keyword to get the stuffs you want. Just be sure to read the usage rules before you download a template. Here is one of the examples of free editable infographic template available on ZippyPixels.

2. CreativeBooster

CreativeBooster is a personal project by a Finland designer named Mats-Peter Forss. The designer has been running this website since 2015. He offers free stuffs like PSD mockups, logo templates and infographic templates as well. You can refer to this page to get the free editable infographic templates offered by Mats-Peter Forss. There are 10 free infographic templates offered by Forss. The download package contains AI, EPS and SVG filetypes. There is also a readme file you can read to find out the usage rules of each template.

3. Freepik

Freepik is a website whereby you can get free vectors and PSDs. This website has an abundant collections of free stuffs and comes with a handy search box to ease your job in finding free vectors and PSDs. Free editable infographic templates, in this case. If you meet any problem to search for free infographic templates, try to visit this page. Each item in Freepik is commonly packaged in a zip file containing readme file, a URL where you can download the font used in the template and of course, the vector of the template itself.

4. Dribbble

Dribbble is a popular website in the designers scope. They usually use this website to showcase their portfolios. When uploading their works, there are some designers who attach the raw files of their works. If the work is infographic, the file usually is PSD or AI. Indeed, looking for free editable infographic templates in Dribbble require more efforts and patience. You can use the available search box to begin. Here is the example of editable infographic I got from Dribbble.

5. Emske

Emske is quite similar to ZippyPixels. This is a website that sells graphic files like mockup templates, logos, vectors and so on. But, the website also offers free stuffs, including editable infographic templates. The free editable infographic templates offered by Emske might not in large number, but it is till better than nothing. Each infographic template offered by this website mostly is packaged in a zip file containing readme file and vectors of the template. Vector usually available in EPS and SVG format. Here is the example of free editable infographic templates offered by this website.

6. Designxel

Designxel is quite similar to Freepik. It is a community-driven website so the contents are more vary. You can also get free graphic files, including editable infographic templates which mostly available in EPS format. Same as Freepik, Designxel also features a handy search box to makes it easy for you to find the infographic templates. Just like most websites above, each graphic file available on this site is also packaged in a ZIP file. Most packages also feature a readme file to let you know the use restrictions. Here is one of the examples of free editable infographic templates I got from Designxel.

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