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12 Reliable Websites to Download Free Fonts

It sounds trivial but, looking for a perfect font for your next creative project is really a tricky task and can be frustrating. In the internet jungle there are actually tens of websites you can refer to for a font. But, some of them come with a formidable price tag or — even worse — aren’t applicable for commercial use.

Not all projects have to be done with a high budget. You can lessen your outlay for some specific parts, including font. Obviously, you can create your own font if you want it. But, what if you have not enough time to do it?.

Again, you don’t have to spend your dollars for just a font or two. This article will show you the places where you can get decent free fonts. Every time you need a new font for your creative projects you can inspire by design elements or fonts from various sources such as Master Bundles and rely on the following websites.

1. Google Fonts

Google Fonts is probably the largest free font depository on the web. Google dedicated this website for creative designers to find the perfect font that suit their projects. All fonts available in the Google Fonts catalog are open source and released under a license that allow you to use the fonts for any purpose, including commercial.

All fonts in Google Fonts are grouped into five categories from Serif, Sans Serif, Display Handwriting to Monospace. One of interesting parts about Google Fonts is that you can directly give a tryout over each font to find out how the font looks like to form a certain word or sentence.

2. DaFont

Not as rich as Google Fonts (may be), but DaFont is also a great place to go if you need a new font for your project. However, you need to read the EULA correctly and carefully before applying font you have downloaded from DaFont for your commercial project since not all fonts are available for commercial use. Most fonts in DaFont come with a EULA that you can read.

3. FontSpace

FontSpace is a user-generated content website. Which mean, all contents available on this site are submitted by users. FontSpace is an online space where type designers can showcase their works, and you can download them for free. But, there are some rules you got to obey. Same as DaFont, not all free fonts available in this site can be used for commercial use. You can see each font licence underneath the font banner. If you find a certain attractive font and want to use it for your commercial project — while the licence don’t allow you to do that — you can contact the creator personally to ask the permission.

4. Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel is quite similar to Google Fonts in some aspects. First, all fonts are available for free even for commercial use. Second, it also has a test drive feature to enable you directly give your preferred fonts a tryout. But, Font Squirrel comes with richer categories than Google Fonts to ease you discovering fonts based on theme of your project.

5. 1001 Fonts

There are about 8,850 fonts you can find in 1001 Fonts. They are all submitted by users and free to be downloaded. All fonts are also grouped into some categories to ease you discovering the most suitable one. 1001 fonts uses the same rules as DaFont and FontSpace. All fonts are free for personal use but only some that allow you to use them for commercial use. So, be sure to visit each font detail page to find out if you are allowed to use it for commercial purpose or not.

6. 1001 Free Fonts

Its name pretty similar to 1001 Fonts but they are completely different. 1001 Free Fonts is another nice place to discover free fonts for your project. In 1001 Free Fonts you can directly download fonts directly from front page of this site or font category page. But, you better visit the detail page of each font to see the applied license since not all fonts are free for commercial use. 1001 Free Fonts also comes with a good navigation for easier discovery.

7. Urban Fonts

Urban Fonts hosts over 8,000 free fonts that you can download anytime. All fonts are also submitted by users and released under various limitation of use. All fonts have one thing in common, they are free for personal use. If you want to look for fonts for your commercial project you need to invest your time to explore this website further. You can see the limitaion use of each font on its detail page.

8. Font Library

Most fonts in Font Library are published under the license of Open Font License (OFL), similar to GPL in software. This license enable you to use the fonts for any purpose including commercial. Font Library also offers you a test drive feature for instant testing of every font you want to download. Fonts in Font Library are also gathered into some categories for easier discovery. There are 7 main categories you can find on this site including Sans-serif, Serif, Display, Handwriting, Monospaced, Dingbat and Blackletter.

9. Fontstruct

You are required to create an account first before being able to download any font from Fonstruct. It’s not a big deal because this site has tens thousands of free fonts you can choose from. They mostly released under Creative Commons license. Fonstruct is not merely a free font provider. It also has a tool to enable you create your own font.

10. Abstract Fonts

There are over 13,800 free fonts you can discover in Abstract Fonts. Most fonts are free for personal and commercial use. You don’t have to visit the detail page of each font to see the license as it’s displayed right above the font preview. Downloading fonts in Abstract Fonts is also easy and effortless. Abstract Fonts also allows you make a custom preview to see your preferred font forming a certain word or sentence.

11. Fontfabric

Not have to many collections but all fonts offered by Fontfabric have a good quality. You can download all fonts on this except for fonts called Baron and Muller Narrow. All fonts (excluding Baron and Muller Narrow) are free to be used for both personal and commercial purpose. Fontfabric is created by Bulgarian designer Svet Simov with the purpose to create high-quality fonts which stand in a unique class of their own, and which will serve as a good base for any designer project whether it be web, print, t-shirt design, logo etc.

12. Font Garden

Font Garden is also a great website you can rely every time you need a new font for your creative project. But, beware about the license because not all fonts are free for commercial use. You need to visit the detail page of each font to see applied license. Fonts in this site are also grouped into some categories to ease you finding the perfect font your project.

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