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14 Free Fonts from Behance for Your Retro Design

Remember when Captain America protesting Phil Coulson about his retro costume? Phil calmly replied “With everything that’s happening, the things that are about to come to light, people might just need a little old fashioned”.

Phil was right. We sometimes need something retro to take us back in time when Facebook hasn’t invented. The time when playing Atari games become such a luxury. The time when everything is still analog.

If you are a designer — no mater the subject — it’s probably a good idea to pick a retro theme for your next project to ask other people recalling their childhood memories or simply to offer something different. If you don’t have too much time to start over from zero, from creating a new font, you can use some free fonts from Behance to be applied to your retro design. Wait, what is Behance?

Behance is a kind of social network that is meant to help creative people (mostly designer) to showcase their creative works. Designers can use this service as a self-promotion tool in order to get hired by companies around the globe or sell their creative digital products. Behance is owned by Adobe.

While most designers use this service to promote their premium/paid works, there are also some designers who kindly release their creative works for free.

Back to our topic. If you are looking for some free retro fonts for your next project, I have some suggestions which I collect from Behance. All are available in TTF format.

1. Sabo

Author: Philippe Moesch | Download URL: sellfy.com

2. Noir

Author: Matthias Guggisberg | Download URL: www.graphicpear.com

3. Monthoers

Author: Agga Swistblnk | Download URLsellfy.com

4. Portico

Author: Mehmet Reha Tugcu | Download URL: dropbox.com

5. Hamster

Author: Artimasa Studio | Download URL: freedesignresources.net

6. Zebrazil

Author: zar ni | Download URL: fontm.com

7. Lazer 84

Author: Juan Hodgson | Download URL: www.graphicpear.com

8. Ansley

Author: Kady Jesko | Download URL: drive.google.com

9. Bobber

Author: Lucas Almeida, Dmitry Goloub | Download URL: www.dropbox.com

10. Canter

Author: Fontfabric, Christopher JH Lee | Download URL: www.fontfabric.com

11. Alt Retro

Author: Andreas Leonidou | Download URL: www.myfonts.com

12. Rispa

Author: Konrad Bednarski | Download URL: www.dropbox.com

13. Streetwear

Author: Artimasa Studio | Download URL: freedesignresources.net

14. Akura Popo

Author: Twicolabs Design | Download URL: twicolabs.com

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