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7 of The Best Free Online Flyer Makers

Want to create a flyer to promote your community event but have no design skill? Thanks to the following online flyer makers, you will be able to create engaging flyers, even if you have no graphic design at all. All you need is selecting a flyer template and change the default contents.

The vast majority of online flyer makers adopt a freemium business model. This means that you are allowed to use them for free although you have to work with some restrictions, but I can say that the free version of the following online flyer makers are great enough to create simple flyers like community events.

Here is the list of online flyer makers you can use for free.

1. DocHipo

DocHipo is an all-in-one online graphic design tool that you can use to design eye-catching flyers to communicate your message. You’ll find stunning flyer templates with the perfect balance of text and visuals for various industries. You can choose any free template that aligns with your needs and customize it with unique and memorable design assets such as pictures, illustrations, stickers, icons, shapes, and more from DocHipo’s library. DocHipo’s intuitive interface and drag-and-drop editor makes your design process a cakewalk, even if you have little to no prior graphic design experience. You can download your flyer designs without any watermark. You may upgrade to the pro version to unlock its full potential.

2. Lucidpress

Lucidpress is one of the best tools to create design online. One of the design types you can create with this tool is flyer. You can start your flyer design from a template. The flyer templates offered by Lucidpress are not too much. At least it’s better than nothing. Lucidpress is an online tool that has a desktop-style interface. You will see several menus at the bar side. Lucidpress itself is especially a good replacement to Adobe InDesign. It has a compatibility with Adobe InDesign by allowing you to open as well as edit InDesign files online. The free version of Lucidpress allows you to download the finished flyer in JPG, PNG and PDF format without annoyed by Lucidpress watermark.

3. Canva

Canva is a popular online design tool. This is one of the best saviors if you have to create certain designs, but have no good enough skill or simply run out if idea. Canva is unbeaten when it comes to template options since it has an open ecosystem by allowing other parties to contribute. There are hundreds of flyer templates you can choose in Canva. Canva also uses a freemium business model, meaning that you can use it for free although you might won’t be able to use certain templates since there are some templates that require you to upgrade your account to use them. Canva has a good file manager to allow you to save the unfinished flyers. You are also allowed download the finished flyer without watermark, as long as you use the free templates.

4. Crello

Crello is “the twin brother” of Canva. The two have a lot in common. Try to compare the interface and features offered by those two online design tools and chances are you will find nothing. Crello also offers a bunch of flyer templates you can use for free. The only difference between Canva and Crello maybe is that all of the features offered by Crello are free to use. Crello also allows you to use all of the design templates for free. So, how do Crello make money? By selling photos. Crello is owned by a photo stock agency Depositphotos. You will be charged the amount $0.99 if you want to use an photo from Depositphotos. Don’t worry, Crello also provides free photos you can add to your flyer if you need one.

5. Piktochart

Piktochart is also an online design tool that has a capability of creating flyer. Piktochart is especially a great tool if you have to work with smaller device since you can hide the left panel to give extra space for the canvas. The flyer templates provided by the free version of Piktochart might are not as many as Crello or Canva, but the stunning interface of Piktochart will make you fall in love to create flyers with this tool. Piktochart also allows you to save the unfinished flyers to continue later. The free version of Piktochart only allows you to download the finished flyers in a PNG format with the quality of normal and medium. There is no watermark that bothers your flyers.

6. PosterMyWall

Last but not least. Another great online flyer maker you can use for free is PosterMyWall. This tool also has a bunch of handy features, with a beautiful interface. The tool is integrated with GettyImages and Pixabay to allow searching for photos to be applied to the flyer design you are working on. It also allows you save the unfinished flyers to continue later. The only downside if you use the free version of PosterMyWall is that you are not allowed to download your flyers without watermark. The watermark is actually small enough, located at the bottom-left o the flyer. But still, it’s annoying enough. But you can give this tool a try first to find out if it is suite your need.

7. Design Wizard

Design Wizard is an excellent new graphic design tool which allows you to personalize a high-quality image or video in seconds. It holds over 1 million high-quality images, with over 10,000 high-quality video and image templates. One of Design Wizard’s standout features is the magic resize button, which allows you to change the size of an image while you are creating a design. It also features an excellent integration with Pikwizard, a stock photography website that holds over 100,000 high-quality images. Other great integrations include Hubspot, Marketo, Buffer and Intercom.

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