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8 Best Places to Download Free PSD Files

Photoshop is still become the leading image editing app until today. When you are editing an image with Photoshop and want to save your current work, you will see your file stored as a PSD file. Saving a work is different to exporting. Export means you are going to turn your file to become a portable format (usually in JPG or JPEG) while save means your file still unfinished and will be stored as PSD aka Photoshop Document.

Due to the popularity of Photoshop, PSD has grown into the standard for many designers out there. And with the massive growth of internet-based collaboration tool many designers do a certain work together from the different places by sharing PSD files each other.

While you can ask for a PSD file from your colleagues, internet is also a great source to discover PSD files. There are some websites that you can trust when you are getting stuck about the design/image you want to create. Here are the lists.

1. Dribbble

Dribbble is some kind of social media where designers can share their works (mostly in screenshots) and gain feedback from other members. Dribbble is a great place for any designer to look for ideas of the design they want to create. Apart from screenshots there are also members who share the PSD files of their works. You can explore the free PSD files by typing something like “Free PSD” or “PSD” on the search bar that is located at top-right corner. You don’t need to be a member to download the PSD files from Dribbble.

2. 365psd

One of the best places to discover free PSD files. 365psd has tons of free PSD files collections that you can explore by category such as architecture, art, UI kits, animals and many others. You can also kindly share your works if you wish it. The website is community driven, and hence most of the resources are submissions of our designers or enthusiasts who are working to make the web a better place.

There are over 5.500 of free PSD files you can find in this site. Login is also not required to download each PSD file. You just need to unlock the download button by sharing the link to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn.

3. Freepik

There are over 6,000 free PSD files you can get from Freepik. You are free to download and use each PSD file but with a bit requirement. You have to credit the author of the file you use unless you subscribe to the premium account. Login is also not required to download each file. Just click the design that impress you and you will be brought to the detail page of the file. There is a big download button on each file detail page.

4. Premium Pixels

Don’t be deceived by its name. The name of this site contains the word of “premium” but all the available contents are free to use for any purpose, even for commercial. No attribution is required for every PSD file you use from Premium Pixels but you better credit the author as a reward for his kindness. Premium Pixels is created by UK based Web Designer Orman Clark.

5. Best PSD Freebies

Its name described it all. Best PSD Freebies is one the best resources to find quality PSD files. There is no restriction of how you can use the PSD files from this site. Downloading each PSD file is also extremely easy as there is no certain act required. No login, no unlock the content. Most PSD files provided by this site are designed to web-based projects. You will find some categories like buttons, icons, fonts,  themes, UI kit, web elements and a lot more.

6. Official PSDs

Another community-based site. Official PSDs is also a great place to go for the free PSD files. This site has tons of free PSD files collections uploaded by its users. Most PSD files available in this site are cutouts of musicians, athletes and vehicles. Most contents are released under the Creative Commons 4.0. You are free to download and use them for personal projects as long not commercializing them. You need to ask the author of each file you download if you want to use it for commercial purpose.

7. Pixeden

You can download as many as you want PSD files from Pixeden and use them for both commercial and non-commercial projects. You don’t need to do anything to download the files. Just click on the thumbnail that impress you and you will be directed to the detail page that contains a download button. Premium account is also available if you need something more from this site.

8. Deviantart

Deviantart is the first stop to discover something art-related. One kind of arts that provided by this site is PSD. Just type the keyword like “PSD” or “free PSD” on the search bar that is located at the top-left corner and you will be presented something you are looking for. Downloading PSD files from Devianart is also easy as you don’t be required to do anything.

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