7 of The Best Gmail Alternatives You Can Use for Free

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7 of The Best Gmail Alternatives You Can Use for Free

Gmail is undoubtedly the world’s most popular free email service, used by million people. However, not everyone is impressed with this status especially those who have a big concern in terms of privacy. That is why some people prefer to use an email service outside Gmail. We have put together the best 7 free email services alternatives to Gmail.

Some internet users look for a Gmail alternative since they think it’s enough for Google to take control on their lives. You know, Google is everywhere in this internet era.

Whatever the reasons leading you to look for a Gmail alternative, following are 7 best email services you can consider. Same as Gmail, all email services below are free to use although some also provide paid version.

1. ProtonMail

Any time you want to make a switch from Gmail, ProtonMail is one of the destinations you can switch to. It takes less adaptation to use ProtonMail since its interface is pretty similar to Gmail although it has a different color base. It also features an email composer that appears as a pop-up on the bottom-left area, just like Gmail. The features offered by ProtonMail are not much different to Gmail. It also has a contact manager to allow you to manage email addresses. Filter feature is also available in case you want to prevent certain emails from being sent to your inbox. ProtonMail gives you a 500MB email capacity which you can upgrade at anytime. One of the features you will probably love to is encryption. You can use this feature to protect the email you want to send with a password so your recipient won’t be able to read your message until you give the password. ProtonMail is an ad-free free email service.

2. Yahoo! Mail

Before the emergence of Gmail, Yahoo! Mail once became a king of email service. Some loyal users might still using Yahoo! Mail, but we have to admit that Yahoo! Mail — and other Yahoo! services in general — isn’t popular as it used to be. Yahoo! Mail is basically a great email service, with a beautiful interface. Yahoo! has redesigned its email service a couple times to retain the old users as well as attracting new users. The advantage of using Yahoo! Mail is that you don’t need to worry about limited email capacity like Proton Mail. Yahoo! Mail also features a handy contact manager to allow to manage the email addresses of your friends or colleagues. Same as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail also relies on ads to generate revenue.

3. Outlook

Outlook is an email service owned by Microsoft so it would be an ideal choice if you are a Windows user. Outlook is another email service that has a beautiful interface. However, you have to deal with ads banner if you use the free version. Yes, Outlook is a freemium email service. The premium version of Outlook offers an ad-free email service. Of course, there are also other features you can unlock. Outlook offers an integration with popular cloud storage services like OneDrive, Box, Dropbox and Google Drive. The features offered by Outlook are not much different to Gmail and Yahoo! Mail. Outlook is undoubtedly one of the best Gmail alternatives.

4. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is also worth-trying if you are looking for an email service to replace Gmail. Unlike Outlook and Yahoo! Mail, you won’t have to deal with ads when working with the free version of Zoho Mail. Same as all email services above, Zoho Mail also comes with a professional look interface. Some features offered by this email service include task manager, contact manager, bookmark manager, and calendar. Zoho Mail is especially a good choice if you are a Zoho Docs user. Even so, Zoho Mail also makes it possible if you want to integrate it with other cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote and OneDrive. The free version of Zoho Docs offers you a 5GB email capacity.

5. AOL Mail

Aol Mail is an email service family of Yahoo. The interface of Aol Mail tends to similar to the old version of Yahoo! Mail. In general, the features offered by this email service are not much different to all email services above. It also features contact manager, task manager as well as calendar. Aol Mail is not an ad-free email interface. To be honest, Aol Mail is probably not the best option for replacing Gmail, but there is no bad if you want to give it a try.

6. Tutanota

If you care so much about security then Tutanota is the email service you are looking for. In Tutanota, all of your data is end-to-end encrypted. As the consequence of this security method, you won’t be able to reset your password if you forgot. That is why Tutanota suggests you to store your password on the account creation process. Tutanota itself is an open source email service. The source code of this email service is available on GitHub. While you can use Tutanota for free, premium account is also available in case you want to use your own domain. In addition, there are also several other features you can unlock.

7. Yandex.Mail

Yandex is a Russian based company with the services similar to Google. This company provides such services as language translator (much like Google Translate), cloud storage, map and also email service. The email service offered by Yandex is called Yandex.Mail. Yandex.Mail is free to use and offers spacious email capacity. You don’t need to worry to run out of email capacity when use this email service. Messages in Yandex.Mail are separated into several tabs just like Gmail. Yandex.Mail has an email importer in case you want to make a switch from such email services as Gmail or Yahoo! Mail.

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