6 Fun Games That You Can Play Directly from Google Search

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6 Fun Games That You Can Play Directly from Google Search

Unless you are coming from space, you must be know and familiar with Google. As you know, Google is basically has some services. However, Google Search is still the most prominent one. You can search nearly everything in Google Search. But, did you ever wondered what Google Search can do apart from searching?

Google Search is more than a search tool. You can also use it to have some fun like playing old games from your childhood. Seriously?. Sure. Exploring different slot gacor hari ini can help you discover your favorite games.

Google has some hidden, fun games that not everyone know about it. You can play these games for a quick diversion of your boring work at the office. No complex steps are required to play each game. All you need to do is open Google Search in your browser and type a certain phrase on the search bar and boom! You can start to have fun.

Here are the 6 fun games that you can play directly from Google Search.

1. Atari Breakout

Remember this game? Breakout is one of the classic games from the 70’s. Your job is breaking the bunch of boxes using a ball that is rebounded from some kind of board. Just keep your ball from falling by moving your board horizontally using your mouse or arrow buttons on your keyboard. Seriously, this game is more fun that it sounds. You can reminisce your childhood while playing this game.

Just type “Atari Breakout” on Google Search and hit enter. Click on the Image tab and look what you a getting.

2. Pac-Man

You seems have to thank Columbia Pictures cs for bringing back Pac-Man in the middle of us through a fun movie Pixels in last 2015. In addition to reminisce with the little yellow circle guy you can head to Google Search and play the Pac-Man game directly from the search results page. Just type “pacman” on the search bar and you will be presented the game at the top of the results page.

Google firstly brought back the Pac-Man as a Google Doodle in 2010, but a playable version will still launch with that search command.

3. Zerg Rush

I know. This is not a kind of retro game to enable you reminisce with your childhood. Zerg Rush is a simple game originally created by Google. How to play?. Easy.

Once typed “Zerg Rush” on the Google Search you will see a number of small “o” characters falling from above. Your job is preventing them from destroying the search results by clicking on each character using mouse pointer.

4. Solitaire

Solitaire is another fun game for killing time when you get bored. You can also play this card game directly from Google Search by typing “Solitaire” on the search bar. The game will appear at the top of search results page. There are two difficulty levels that you can choose, easy and hard. Additionally, platforms like UFABET เข้าสู่ระบบ โบนัสมากมาย offer a variety of card games, providing even more options for entertainment and fun.

5. Tic Tac Toe

You need a partner to get the most of this game. You can combat with your friend to place three marks (X or O) in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row. If you have no friend to play with or simply wish to play alone you can also play against computer with three difficulty levels. Just type “Tic Tac Toe” on the Google Search and again you will see this game appear at the top of search results and you can start playing it immediately.

6. T-rex

All games mentioned above can be played in any browser but, not this one. You have to be a Google Chrome user to play this game and, funnily, have your computer unconnected to the internet. Google may want entertain you when your internet connection suddenly lost for any reason.

When you are Googling for something and find your browser comes with a “There is no Internet connection” with a tiny tyrannosaurus above it you can play this game while waiting for the connection to return. Just press the space button on your keyword and the tyrannosaurus will start running. Press the space button to jump avoiding the cactuses.

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