7 Ways to Use Google Search to Solve Your Mathematical Problems

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7 Ways to Use Google Search to Solve Your Mathematical Problems

When used properly Google can be a great source to gain your knowledge. No matter what field you want to be expert in, Google can help you become a master.

We can do a lot of things with Google Search instead of just looking for something. With a certain syntax you can ask Google Search to run a mathematical count, starting from simple one to more complex one.

You have probably known some simple syntaxes like x+x for addition, x*x for multiplication, x/x for division or x-x for subtraction. They are just examples. There are more built-in syntaxes that you can execute directly from Google Search to solve your mathematical problems without having to install any app for buying calculator.

1. Solve geometrical shapes

Need to solve a geometrical shape with the complex numbers? If so, you can utilize Google to fix your problem. Google has the capability to solve a certain geometrical shape, no matter how complex the numbers are. Just type “solve” in the search bar followed by a certain shape you want to solve. E.g “solve trapezium”. The geometrical shapes that you can solve using the syntax include circle, rectangle, triangle, trapezoid, ellipse etc. You can choose to solve for area, perimeter, gamma, height, side (a) or side (c). All you need to do is entering the value for each variable.

2. Convert the currency

If you are traveling abroad and want to count the rest of your money in the local currency just do it in Google Search. Google has a built-in currency converter to fix this problem. Google uses data from trusted source to give an accurate result. Just type something like “1000000 rupiah to dollars us” on the Google Search to start converting.

3. Scientific calculator

Have no calculator to solve a certain formula with complex numbers? Just trust Google Search. Not everyone know this but, Google Search has a built-in calculator which you can call anytime you need it. The Google Search built-in calculator contains advanced functions such as sin, cos, tan, log, ln etc.

How to call Google Search calculator? Quite easy. Just type a simple operation on the search bar like 9+9 and you will get the stuff you want.

4. Generate a graph right

You can also use Google Search to directly generate for a mathematical function. Just type “graph for” on the search bar followed by function you want to check the graph for. For example, you can type “graph for square root of x” or “graph for tan(x)” and so on.

5. Convert quantity units

Currency is just an example of the things you can convert directly from Google Search. There are more items that you can convert directly from Google Search apart from currency, including:

  • Length
  • Area
  • Data transfer rate
  • Digital storage
  • Energy
  • Frequency
  • Fuel economy
  • Mass
  • Plane angle
  • Pressure
  • Speed
  • Temperature
  • Time
  • Volume

Just type something like “km to feet” on the search bar and you will be presented a handy converter from Google. There is a dropdown menu containing items you want to convert. The rest, you just need to type your preferred number on the available columns.

6. Pronounce big numbers

Having trouble in pronouncing some big numbers? Google can help you how. Just type some big numbers on the search bar followed by equal symbol and the language you want to pronounce the numbers in. E.g “28888888888=english”. Please note, this will only works for up to 13 digits only.

7. Calculate the waiter tip

Google Search also lets you to instantly calculate tip for your favorite waiter every time you visit you favorite coffee shop. Just type “tip calculator” on the search bar and you will be presented a specific calculator to calculate the tip you want to give.

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