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5 Cool Examples of Graphic Design Portfolio Website

Graphic designer is a profession I appreciate so much. Through the creative hands of graphic designers, many magical works were born. Legendary Coca-Cola logo to iconic Starbucks logo are just examples among the amazing works created by graphic designers.

If you want your works to widely get known like Coca-Cola or Starbucks logo, the first thing you need to do is by introducing yourself, as well as your works, to the world. This way, the chance you will get hired by big companies is getting bigger.

Today, most graphic designers are utilizing sites like Behance and Dribbble to showcase their works. Some also build their own portfolio websites to strengthen their personal branding. WordPress is the best CMS if you want to create a portfolio website to showchase your design jobs. There are a bunch of WordPress themes designed specifically for designers to ease your job in creating your portfolio website. One thing to notice if you want to build your own portfolio website, be sure to include the appropriate examples of your works and be truthful. It’s a big sin to showcase someone else’s works since it can harm your reputation.

If you want to build your own graphic design portfolio website and have no idea about the concept, here are some examples you can follow. Remember, these are just examples. You don’t need to blindly copy one of them. Instead, you can take some inspiration to create your own unique portfolio. Here is the list.

1. Peterkstudio.com

A brief introduction about Peter Komierowski, the guy behind Peterkstudio.com. He is a visual designer who specializes in illustration, branding and identity design. With his skill, Peter once get hired by companies like NBA and YouTube.

Peter Komierowski portfolio website features a simple enough interface, but elegant enough to me. The website features a number of small logo with a yellow background when you hover your mouse over them. Clicking one of the logos will take you to the detail page of the logo. This website contains only three menu buttons. This website is a great example if you want to create a simple graphic design portfolio website.

2. Heathershaw.com

Color is often considered as the most vital element of design. If you think so and want to build a colorful graphic design portfolio website then Heathershaw.com can be a good role model. Heather Willis, the owner of this website, uses the tiled concept to showcase her works. Each tile contains overlaying photo of her projects with a block color provides an element of visual consistency. If you click a certain tile you will also be taken to a page containing a detailed information about the project behind it.

Same as Peterkstudio.com, Heathershaw.com also focuses to display works. There is not much pages you will find on this site, other than an “about page” and pages about the projects the designer has worked.

3. Goltermann.design

Some people tend to feature their photo on the main page of their portfolio website and feature the service they offer on the lower part of the website. Nothing is wrong, everything is about choice. If you interested to build a graphic design portfolio website like this one, Goltermann.design is one of the examples you can follow. Jascha Goltermann applies the dark background on his website. If you hover your mouse over the photo of this man, some social media icons linking to his social media profiles will appear.

The website of Goltermann.design only has a single page. You can scroll down your mouse to jump from one part to another ones within this site. There is also a menu at the top-right corner to makes it easy jumping from one part to another one. You will also see some flashy effects on this site.

4. Grantburke.com

Rather than creating the whole website from big zero, many people prefer to develop a WordPress theme to build their portfolio. You can also adopt this idea to build a fully customized WordPress-based site like Grant Burke did. In order to reach more potential clients you can also regularly create blog posts regarding the field you focus on. Graphic design in this case.

At first, you probably think that Grant Burke’s site is too text-heavy for a design portfolio site. Actually not too. If you scroll down your mouse, you will find a tiled part containing all projects the designer has worked. In addition, there is also a “PORTFOLIO” menu as a shortcut to visit all of his works.

5. Vanschneider.com

Another graphic design portfolio website that uses WordPress as its core. Vanschneider.com is the website of a New York based designer Tobias van Schneider. This man develop a fully customized WordPress theme that uses black as the main color. The main concept of this portfolio website is a bit similar to Grantburke.com. You will also find a “BLOG” menu to read articles related to design written by this designer and his team.

Tobias uses a photo of himself as a static backdrop. As you scroll down your mouse, an introduction sentence written in big sized fonts will greet you. You need to scroll more down to see Tobias works. If you love something with a dark concept, this website if probably the stuff you are looking for.

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